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A Visceral Shock


Mar 20, 2008
Over four thousand million years we have been shaped by natural selection to survive and reproduce in our particular environment.

What this means is that we seek advantage within our environment. Our environment is a given, and we are only conscious of acting within it. We take our environment for granted, and it becomes invisible.

So we respond unknowingly to our environment all the time. For instance, we respond to the environment of money. Yet most of us don't know how to make money, and we give a free pass to billionaires like Jeffrey Epstein.

We know when we suspend our disbelief, we are responding to an environment. It might be a book or the net, it might be a religion, an ideology, or a sport, it might be the movies or romantic love. But the suspension of our disbelief entrances us and prepares us to accept our environment uncritically.

So it comes as a visceral shock when our environment is critiqued.