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A "type me" thread


Apr 21, 2021
Instinctual Variant
Been around here for a while now, felt like I could also listen to the opinions of people on here. Insights about mbti, enneagram, and/or enything else you want are welcome!



Well-known member
Mar 26, 2017

I haven't been much into type me threads lately, specially because I have been less fond of MBTI and Enneagram in the next few weeks, but there are no answers here yet so...

I believe that you showing up your type makes us a little bit biased and a little bit hesitating of disagreeing with you...

The art relationship belongs with intuition and INFP is the actual most artistic type. If you want, I can explain or summon Koto to explain that.
Taking into that account, I don't think you are much of a sensor either, but I am not sure if I would make a good case for intuitive.

I don't disagree that you seem like an ambivert.
You truly don't need to choose. Its "the internet" that imposes you to do so. Neither on Big Five nor on actual Jung everybody is meant to be an Extravert or Introvert on a black and white matter. I do believe that you belong to the "ambivert house".

I also think that, at least the way you present yourself, you seem like a type 4.

Taking that into account, I wanna say that most people likes to type on the enneagram and MBTI separately - they look at these completely detached and independent.
BUt I like the integrative approach - picking up an Enneagram and MBTI combo specifically.

Between ESFP 4 and ISFP 4, I think ESFP 4 honours you the most.
ESFP as 4 screams ambivert, since ESFP is an Extraverted type and 4 is an actual introverted/aka withdrawn type.
Also ESFP 4 is way less sensish because 4 have "intuitive leanings", so a ESFP 4 is more like esFP 4 and that fits you better in my own opinion.