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[ENTP] A Question for Male ENTPs


New member
Sep 28, 2007
I am a female INTJ. Single, but interested in finding a male ENTP mate.
I am 62 years of age, so my natural hair color is salt and pepper. It's a nice mix and I get compliments on it.
However, a few years ago, I got a young supervisor at work, who started hiring young people, and started coloring my hair brown because I didn't want to be pre-judged at work. (Not sure if he's an S or an N, could be an S.)

Anyhow, I was thinking of letting my hair go back to its natural color, but I was wondering how that would affect any prospective ENTP suitor out there. Do you think the ENTP would appreciate my authenticity in letting my hair be its natural color, or do you think he would prefer if I look younger?

A 62 year old male ENTP would prefer if you look authentic.

A 62 year old male ENTP would prefer if you look younger.