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A Hypothetical.


Mar 2, 2009
Every day it seems more unlikely that Donald Trump will be able to overturn the results of the November 3, 2020 elections. However, supposing that he does succeed, what should be the reaction from governments in the rest of the world?

By now, only a handful of governments and international organizations have either rejected the results or have said nothing: even countries like Russia, Mexico and Brazil have belatedly congratulated Joe Biden for winning after the US Electoral College cast its vote. If Donald Trump manages to become the 46th president of the US, what should the governments of the world do? Should they simply fall in line and accept him as POTUS? Or should they refuse to recognize him? How would that even work? Would they refuse to accept the credentials of US diplomats? What about countries where there are US bases and troops? What about the Organization of American States? NATO? Or the UN Security Council (where the US has a veto)?

Virtual ghost

Complex paradigm
Jun 6, 2008
If he will remain president despite loosing electoral college and lawsuits there will be a huge mess in the US. What means that all bets are off but the issue will sort itself out. However if he remains president even after that it is really questionable what will happen. The most likely scenario is that this civil war will drain the country so much that it's global influence will implode (since what is left of economy will go away with the mess). What means that the world will probably just generally ignore the remains of US and continue the game.