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101 things which make you unhappy


Noble Wolf
Sep 20, 2017
Instinctual Variant
Inspired by the other thread. Sorry if this thread is too negative. Feel free to make lists of things that make you unhappy.

1. The extent to which society revolves around money
2. Being told or having someone imply that I am physically weak
3. Weather hotter than 80 degrees Fahrenheit
4. Making mistakes at work
5. Having a poor appetite
6. Long lines on late mornings at my favorite coffee shop
7. Comments about my height
8. My partner not thinking about me
9. Sleeping alone
10. Poorly written poetry
11. Being compared to others
12. Long movies
13. Thinking about my past
14. Raw vegetables
15. Flirting
16. Hangnails
17. Bringing outdoor shoes inside houses
18. Big cities
19. When my mother is being extremely overprotective
20. Being thrown into a new situation without preparation
21. Body odor
22. Pretentiousness
23. Thoughtlessly exposing myself while sparring
24. Crying, especially in public
25. Handshakes
26. Losing battles in Pokémon Go
27. Shitting my pants
28. My fear of needles
29. Unsolicited dick pictures
30. Wearing eyeglasses
31. Imagining my loved ones dying
32. When my eyes get crusty
33. Finishing a rare TV show that I like
34. Ordering something for takeout, getting home, and finding out something is missing
35. Getting older
36. People being something they're not
37. My disgust over my own body
38. False hope
39. My inability to dance well
40. Crowds
41. Cowgirl sex position
42. How meaningless my life always feels
43. Stomachaches
44. Nightmares
45. Funerals
46. Enjoying a catchy song that is outside of my vocal range to the point I need to adjust the key signature in order to properly sing
47. Unnecessary movie remakes
48. People who brag, especially when I'm better than them
49. Bars
50. Being ignored
51. Being accused of overreacting
52. People who can't admit when they're wrong
53. Losing in any game
54. Pressure to be something I'm not
55. Face tattoos
56. Stigma against legal age gaps in relationships
57. Bugs crawling on my skin
58. Asking for help
59. Melted ice cream
60. Surprises
61. People assuming things of me based on my skin color, physical sex, or age
62. Doxxing
63. People who lack in a dark sense of humor
64. How possessive I am over people I love
65. Getting sick
66. Skipping showers
67. Not being able to help people I care about when they are in trouble
68. Frozen electronic screens
69. Getting blueballed
70. War
71. People trying to change my (lack of) religious and spiritual views
72. Pet owners not cleaning up after their pets
73. Social anxiety
74. When I point out flaws in someone's logic and they refuse to listen
75. When people ask me for my honest opinion on something but get offended or don't listen
76. Biology classes
77. Toxic positivity
78. When I'm not able to learn something new quickly
79. Extended family gatherings
80. When people say they're a fan of a band or musical artist and only know 1-3 of their greatest hits
81. My emotional instability and immaturity
82. Forgetting to save something before I close out the screen
83. Morning breath
84. When people don't believe I'm a metalhead
85. Shaving
86. Insomnia
87. Slow walkers
88. Wearing bras
89. Going to a restaurant to find out what you wanted to order is unavailable
90. Strangers trying to talk to me
91. People who wanted to fuck me without getting to know me
92. Bullying and harassment
93. When others doubt my level of commitment to an activity or person
94. When people aren't as blunt as I am
95. Twitter
96. My irrational trust issues
97. People at work calling me when they can text or email me instead
98. Public speaking
99. Needles being stuck into my skin
100. My fear of missing out
101. Thinking about the inevitability of death


Poking the poodle
Apr 6, 2015
Instinctual Variant
1: Long lists.

Jk. Ill come back to this it I remember its an interesting idea


Mar 4, 2021
Instinctual Variant
I don't think I have 101 things at the moment so I'll probably just post them when I think about it

  1. Thinking about my friendships
  2. Feeling like my personality changed
  3. Thinking about my future
  4. When I can't stop isolating myself
  5. Not feeling like I can open up to anyone
  6. Thinking about my parents dying before me
  7. School
  8. Feeling forced to do things I don't love
  9. Not feeling a passion for living
  10. When I stand in the way of my own happiness

Saturnal Snowqueen

LL"s Atom Bomb Baby
Jan 9, 2019
Instinctual Variant
Making this list made me 10 times happier than making the one about things that are supposed to make me happy:

1) People not minding their own business(and getting angry as a result of such).

2) People talking without actually contributing to the subject at hand

3) Spilling my heart out for no one to listen or they laugh and/or don't take it seriously

4) Well done meats

5) Trying really hard on something only for no one to notice

6) When people assume things without giving you a chance to speak

7) Projection/hypocrisy(I think everyone is capable of this, but with some people it's their whole personality and it's unpleasant)

8) My constant morbid fantasies

9) Men who think with their dicks

10) Superficiality

11) Guns(not from a political standpoint, I just don't like them)

12) Moral superiority

13) When people don't share my enthusiasm or find it silly

14) Uninspired meals

15) Uninspired people

16) Shows that are dry and have a lot of sensitive subject matter

17) When folk see deer as disposable(a bit of Anglish there)

18) Stick-in-the-muds

19) When people are all up in my grill

20) Huffy-puffiness

21) Food catchers in sinks

22) Being a woman-child

23) Wanting to get in on a juicy conversation but I can't get a word in

24) Feeling like I'm a cringey person

25) When people see relationships as disposable

26) Intellectual snobbiness and superiority

27) Seeing things go to waste/never being used

28) Realizing how far out of reach my goals are

29) Stubbing my toe

30) Realizing how close minded and inflexible most people are

31) Having to repeat myself

32) People in debates who are too overconfident and too set in their side of the argument

33) "It's just a game"

34) Words being put in my mouth

35) Gross kinks

36) The justice system

37) When the concept is better than the execution

38) Cigarette smoke

39) Being called quiet

40) When people say something but don't show it their actions

41) A bad hair day

42) Impeding deadlines

43) Weak coffee

44) Cliches

45) When I study but only remember the useless parts

46) Making phone calls

47) Having to stay in one place for too long

48) TikTok

49) Always feeling misunderstood

50) Routines

51) Being frustration heavy

52) Being a fan of something but not having anyone to share it with

53) The fact I don't like a lot of popular stuff, because of the above

54) When I miss the details while looking at the bigger picture

55) Feeling like I lack common sense

56) Bad taste

57) Having an unpopular opinion(usually to do with the above)

58) When something is seen as innovating when it's just the same old regurgitated thing

59) Taking selfies

60) How I'm not easy to entertain

61) How I make everything overcomplicated

62) When I don't feel like I know how other people operate

63) Cars

64) Grubby fingers

65) Candles

66) Electric fences

67) When people spoil the fun

68) Stepping on an animal's foot

69) How much trouble I have finding something that actually fits me

70) Flashing lights

71) Noticing how the days pass by faster

72) Too much noise

73) Also, too little noise

74) Distorted noises at 3 a.m

75) Having to do things that make me talk out of nowhere

76) My fear of being lazy

77) Being touched out of nowhere

78) Running out of goals

79) Having too many goals on my plate(can't be satisfied)

80) Feeling like I can't change fate

81) When people have warped senses of value

82) Not being in the know

83) How I've had so many friends that don't get along

84) How exhausting taking care of my mental health is

85) How many experiences are duller than people make them out to be

86) Rustling noises

87) Chewing noises

88) Choking on leafy vegetables

89) The ways some people keep their dogs in line

90) Maintenance

91) Most TV dinners

92) Dog fighting

93) What a naturally slow person I am

94) Patriots

95) Seeing ads for things that aren't even around me

96) When I'm hot and then cold

97) The abundance of wildfires

98) Low quality headphones

99) The mystery of death

100) Having to lower my standards

101) That someone else will always be better


The Unwieldy Clawed One
Apr 23, 2007
1 )Mean and negative people

2) Fake people

3) The ex-colleague who got drunk at a staff party and spent most of the night hitting on Falcarius; your boss who you work for as a personal assistant teased Falcarius about that for the rest of the year. Awkward...

4) That female ex-colleague who laughed at Falcarius when he said it was “chilly willy” and preceded to make cock jokes to him for the rest of the day:(

5) People who think they are smarter than they are.

6) Arrogant people

7 )People who think it is weird to pretend to be a dinosaur on a forum for the last 10 years

8) Mr. Miyagi ,Donald Trump, Elmo, Jesus Christ, and everyone else who talks in the third person; clearly that was Falcarius thing and he started doing it billions of years before any of them.:shrug:

9) Homelessness

10)Fascism and racism

11) Reactionary politics

12) World Trade Organization

13) The World Bank

12) Bigotry

13) Yellow journalism

14) Lobbyists

15 )People who put their toilet paper the wrong way on toilet roll

16) Net curtains

17 )Bathrooms with carpets

18) Artex

19) Selfish people

20) People who complain about the world but try to do nothing about it

21) Apple- as they are dumb and think a British keyboard and a US keyboard are the same

22) Microsoft

23) Drug Dealers

24) War

25) Religious school

26) State religion

27) Monarchy

28) Coronavirus - screw pandemics in general.

29) People why hunt for fun - trophy hunters

30) People who scuff their feet

31) Pointless hashtags such as #selfie #me #Girl #Falcariusisthesexiestdinosaurever

32) People who don't look where they are going

33). When people say "on accident" instead of "by accident".

34) Anyone who lives between 15 miles east and 200 miles east of where Falcarius lives; seriously what the hell is up with their pirate accents?

35) People who play music so loud that one can hear them from the other side of Pangea.

36) Asteroids

37) People who eat and groom themselves on public transportation.

38) People who think they can handle their drinks but can't.

39) The Jetsons- screw their dystopia

40) Aliens-when was the last time you saw a hot alien from Outerspace?

41) The term "touché".

42) People with sound notifications on their phones

43) People who say "you should have been there" when clearly one weren't there.

44)The way English words of Fench origin are spelt; it screws up his dyslexia.

45) Micro-managy bosses

46) Anything or anyone who chews loudly

47)Websites with loads of pop-ups ads; if Falcarius liked pop-up adverts he would go on a porn site.

48) When people say "literally," "essentially" or "basically" way too often

49) Frog legs or cuisses de grenouille – France, what the hell.

50) Snails or Escargots – Seriously, France- don’t you know that shit can make one disabled

51)Any meat or fish

52 )Manga - It is the sole reason one should not drop nuclear bombs on people

53) Bad WiFi

54) When people litter

55) The word "moist" unless it is said by Justin Trudeau as that is just funny.

56) People who don't cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough; we kinda got a pandemic going on stupid

57) Blobfish - what the hell are those ugly things?

58) Public displays of affection

59) People who leave their shopping trolley in the middle of the aisles

60) People who do a grocery shop on Sunday as they have no life

61) Disnification of of culture

62)People who have only watched the first Land Before Time movie

62) Northern hairy-nosed wombat, they probably have hairy arses too.:D

63) Rats-Falcarius can’t help think it would be much better for the world if they reproduced like panda bears, not only less often but had more shaggable offspring

64) Backhanded compliments

65) Lending something to someone and never getting it back

66) Any cinema that commits the war crime of selling popcorn

67) People who eat popcorn at the cinema

68) Ticketmaster - Why the hell do you charge a handling fee for a handling fee or is Falcarius missing something?

69) Non-apology apologies

70) Men who have never tried pissing in the snow: clearly they are boring and not worth being friends with.

71) Dads who play “cross swords” in the urinals in public toilets with their kids.:mellow:

72) People who say "No offence"

73) People who don’t understand airport security-Take off your belt while you wait you idot.

74) Oversharing medical conditions

75) People who don’t believe Falcarius that “willy-itis” is a legit illness.:unsure:

76)People who say:” Cheer up, it might never happen”. Nah mate, we all die sometimes. Screw you and your life.

77) American sockets are depressing as they remind Falcarius of “The Scream” by Edvard Munch

78) Vaping; isn’t that for the little kids on TikTok?

79)Unprepared customers; like you do kinda have to pay for your drink in Starbucks so why so shocked

80) People who explain one's own point back to them.

81) Women who decide if a guy is datable based on how clear his shoes are: Falcarius wasn’t aware of the correlation of cleanliness of cocks and shoes.:huh:

82) Those kids who sat next to Falcarius on the plane while playing “Infinite Flight Simulator”on their parents mobile. Seriously, wtf

83) Friday the 13th

84) All those people the last decade who have not believed Falcarius that he is 5 years old when they asked him during the last decade

85) Anyone who is a dentist or speech therapist

86) Any film with Adam Sandler

87) Anyone who comments on Falcarius’ Strava that “it weird you do all your do midnight runs gone midnight”- Just you wait until Falcarius does the Midnight Sun Run in Iceland

88) People who wear socks with sandals

89) When someone Falcarius does not want to have sex with sits on his bed.

90) People who go to the beach but don't get into the sea; they need to get laid or something in Falcarius’ honest opinion.:dry:

91) When someone says “no offence but” right before saying something hurtful as if that makes it better.

92) Any woman who has ever populously scratched Falcarius during sexy time; if Falcarius wanted that then he would have shagged a T-rex

93) When adults talk like teenagers and say outdated slang like “dude” or "Groovy".

94) All the women and jobs that wanted Falcarius to “get experience before you can get experience”.

95) When like, Dinosaurs like, always like say like, like all the time.

96) When people assume that one partner’s opinions are the same as your own; nah, Falcarius just likes making out with politically conservative chicks who make him angry and he enjoys angry sex.

97) People who make ultimatums to get their way.

98) People who don’t like Marmite

99) Piers Morgan: why oh why, did you come back? Is he still pissed at the Duchess of Sussex. Please go back, she is not here anymore and we don't want you.

100) Hard water

101) @silverknightgothic for making this list too long


Alongside Questionable Clarity
Jun 27, 2017
Instinctual Variant
1) The fact that I've tried to do this (and the positives list) several times and cannot make it past 20 (before now; I would not have without this bullet)
2) Having too much to do
3) Having too little to do
4) A lack of ambition
5) The lack of green technology in everyday life
6) Foods with a liquid like texture
7) Overconfident people who believe they are the pinnacle of knowledge
8) History class in schools
9) When people point out my ticks
10) That soy is in EVERYTHING
11) Days over 80 degrees (F)
12) When my notebooks are the "wrong" color
13) Problems I don't have an immediate solution to
14) Waste
15) The fact that homelessness still exists
16) When my computer dies without telling me
17) Having to put effort something I know will fail
18) Repetition
19) Watching other people suffer without being able to help
20) When you get literally anything on your hands that is not supposed to be there
21) The fact that my computer spouts adds based on what I say aloud

Infinite Metamorphosis

Jan 17, 2018
1. The absence of adequately fulfilling Sx connection(s)

As long as I have that the rest is merely an obstacle that is subject to my will. Even that which is beyond our control does not dictate happiness absolutely. It's a choice whether to reign over the mind in response to these external influences or to allow them to reign over your mind, life, and so forth.

Sx connection is the one thing I feel is beyond my control, as it necessitates at least some degree of dependence upon others putting in the work as well...and despite trying for more than 10 years, I never was able to find an adequate solution / coping mechanism. The only thing that cured me was finding what I craved.

Sx dominance is a curse. I always compare it to being a vampire that needs human blood but can only access synthetic or animal blood. Searching, searching...always with ceaseless appetence...there is hardly ever any genuine relief...adrift...until finally, you meet that one individual who satiates your appetite. All fuel for your life, your existence...hinging upon only this.

I despise my own dependence upon it, but give me that and I am relentless in all opposition and endeavors.
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May 19, 2017
cruelty for the sake of being cruel
the mundane
preconceived notions


Oct 26, 2021
people who feel entitled.
People that deceive people for personal gains
popcorn kernels