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Typology Central Rules and Reporting Posts/Messages

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Our forum is designed to promote a general tone of open, honest and respectful debate, even with occasional strong conflict, as well as having an environment of inclusion and openness. To support that environment, we have developed a set of rules for members to abide by. The rules for participating in TypologyCentral.Com can be found here. Please read these rules and become familiar with them. Occasionally we run into situations where members may break these rules. We have a team of moderators on the forum that are responsible for collaborating on situations where there is a violation of the site rules and determining what actions should be taken. Your job is to report instances where you see the Rules being violated by clicking on the report post icon at the bottom of a post. Posts, Visitor Messages and Private Messages can all be reported. In order for the moderators to have the best possible information to respond to a reported post, please provide a good explanation including which specific area of the forum rules are being violated. It helps to make sure that the issue you are concerned about receives the best possible attention.

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