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Typology Central is a discussion forum and was created on April 17 of 2007 as a place to learn and share information about personality type. The core objective of the forum is to establish a communal atmosphere helping people to learn more about themselves, personality type and psychology; as well as understanding different points of view and manners of expression. It’s a place to make friends and form meaningful interpersonal relationships. Our goal is to support high quality debate/discussion about challenging topics in a mature, civil and open manner.

The community is focused on the practical use of personality type – how typology can be applied in real life situations. Through the forum discussions, media library and a member maintained Wiki, the objective is to establish a place where you can obtain high quality and in-depth information on the various typology related systems, personality types, and type development including areas such as Jungian Cognitive Functions, Enneagram, Big 5 and other personality systems.

It’s not all about typology. There is a lot of light-hearted discussion as well as spirited debate in a whole host of topical areas listed in the Forum tab – from politics to religion to significant media events. This is a place for people to hang out, get to know each other and chat. In addition to the forum and private messaging system, we’ve also got an interactive voice/text chat system for members who prefer it.

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