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    Default Type me please? Im stuck :/

    Hey guys! So I'm here just to say that I've been questioning what personality type I would fall under. I know that sometimes taking the Myer Briggs Personality test can be really unreliable at times so instead, Ive been looking at the cognitive functions for each type and in order to figure out what I might be.

    Regarding to the cognitive functions, I've struggled with trying to figure out what I am. I've narrowed it down to the 4 personality types I feel I am more likely to be

    ENFP: Ne – Fi – Te – Si
    INFP: Fi – Ne – Si – Te
    INFJ: Ni – Fe – Ti – Se
    ENFJ: Fe – Ni – Se – Ti

    I think that I am more of an NF user, when I read about the extroverted sensing cognitive function, I feel that I relate to it the least ( except for the fact that I can be a bit materialistic), other than that, this function isn't particularly strong in myself. I don't really understand the Introverted/ Extroverted thinking cognitive functions, whenever I try to read about them, it just doesn't make any sense, no matter what website/ YouTube video I watch, just a load of mumbo jumbo words that don't make any sense...

    What stands out to me the most is the extroverted intuition cognitive function which focusses more about the possibilities in life, rather than the past. I'm pretty sure that I am unlikely to be a sensing type seeing as I spend every day pretty much obsessing over the future/ possibilities and spend less time focussing on the past or even experiencing the present moment as much. I have written lists on occasion regarding what things id like to try next (e.g, I've looked at different clothing styles online of things that look nice/ different to what I usually wear or I may look at shopping products at Kmart that I "just totally need" or looking at makeup products at Priceline. Then after making a list of all these products, I enter the store, try a whole bunch of clothes and end up leaving with half the shopping centre in my bags XD. My friends all know that I go crazy about shopping and sometimes I cant help go a little wild on the spending XD. I've also recently tried something new (going to the gym) which has helped in venting stress out and its really fun and healthy. Plus I've made a list of 20 TV shows id be interested in trying. I also like making lists of goals I have (mostly short term goals) in order to help me achieve other long term goals (e.g saving enough money for a car).

    So to summarise ^^ I like trying new things, and I'm quite determined to achieve certain goals through making lists. I have this ideal image of myself that Im trying to work towards- so the lists help me take action in achieving these goals.

    Although I use Extroverted Intuition quite often, I do have very strong values about things (e.g dating) and I find it quite confronting or even upsetting when certain values I believe in are not understood/ violated which relates more to the Introverted Feeling cognitive function.
    It can be really bring me down and I'll probably either distance myself, talk my best friend about it or even write out poetry (sometimes when I'm feeling sad, I write kinda dark depressing poetry and for some ironic reason, I end up finding it funny and feeling a little better XD I know it sounds weird, but idk haha.

    But then again I feel I also relate to the extroverted feeling cognitive function because I usually like have harmonious relationships with others and feel under pressure/ worried if I feel that I may have an issue with someone else. I am willing to work things out if there is an issue with anyone else, however if they are being unreasonable or rude etc and I am not noticing any sort of progress with the relationship, I will leave that friendship/ relationship behind if it believe it is too unhealthy. Regarding group events/ projects, I'm happy to input my own ideas but also take into consideration the group's ideas. I can pick up on and I am sensitive to the emotions of others.

    Although, some of the stuff I've mentioned above sounds like it leans more towards extroversion, I am usually quite calm, chill and a bit reserved at times with my parents/ at home. I don't usually say much at home, just more a chill out kinda place really.
    With some friends I sorta know but im not super close to, I've been described as quite reserved, but sometimes with the same people, they've said sometimes I can be bubbly too. With my good friends, I am usually my most happiest, I'm super bubbly and loud and they've described me as fun to be around. I can find it fun meeting new people ( as long as they are fun, nice and don't violate any of my values) it usually helps making a connection more easier). I do enjoy/ feel comfortable spending days alone by myself at home, whether I'm just binging Netflix or looking up psychology stuff online because I find it interesting). I feel content spending more time alone than the typical extrovert, but I'm not the typical introvert either. I will get very annoyed and tired if I do not get my alone time, however if I spend longer than a week at home by myself, I will for sue go crazy and lose my mind. Id consider myself somewhere in the middle of introversion and extroversion (ambivert) so that's another reason why I find it hard to figure out my personality type.

    What do you guys think? Hopefully what I've said makes sense.

    Do you think Im an ENFP, ENFJ, INFP or INFJ? And why do you think so?

    Do you guys think I use any of the Introverted/ Extroverted thinking cognitive functions, I don't understand those as much and would appreciate if someone could explain what they are (without rambling mumbo jumbo words that don't make any sense)

    Anyway, thank you for reading and your responses would be much appreciated.

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    Have you done this? Personality Assessor | IPIP-120 Personality Test It may help you out there Your description towards the bottom is 100% me. I relate very strongly to that, and I am definitely an I - just a more social, people-loving one.

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    The focus on possibilities that come next sounds very Ne, and the making lists things Te-Si. Having an ideal you want to be may be Fi.

    I don't get a hugely Fi vibe from reading that, more of a spectrum of possibility, so I'd say ENFP.

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