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Thread: Really? Isfj?

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    Default Really? Isfj?

    Hi! I'm new! I'm trying to see what people think about my type although I realize what a difficult thing that is to ask. I test as ISFj about, 50% of the time. Sometimes I test as INTJ. Maybe by talking here, someone will notice something?? Here's two conversations between me and people online, but online is different from how you talk in person sometimes too. Anyways, hello!

    Them (10:32:18 PM): yo wats goin oin
    Me (10:32:44 PM): yo
    Them (10:32:59 PM): wats goin on with boston n the patriots?
    Me (10:33:07 PM): i dunno
    Me (10:33:12 PM): =(
    Them (10:33:16 PM): they suck
    Them (10:33:39 PM): im lovin this
    Me (10:33:40 PM): right now...
    Them (10:33:48 PM): all the time
    Them (10:34:00 PM): thats another run
    Me (10:34:02 PM): so what do you think about the yankees?
    Them (10:34:25 PM): i still love them n they never got embarrassed by the rays
    Me (10:34:33 PM): but do you think they suck?
    Them (10:34:45 PM): this year they did
    Me (10:35:04 PM): eh
    Them (10:35:41 PM): so
    Me (10:37:11 PM): how's your daughter?
    Them (10:37:20 PM): gettin big
    Them (10:37:57 PM): how have u been
    Me (10:38:30 PM): been better, draggy.
    Them (10:39:01 PM): oh werd
    Me (10:41:25 PM): how about you?
    Them (10:41:43 PM): workin...
    Them (10:41:58 PM): i got my own company
    Me (10:42:23 PM): doingg?
    Them (10:42:28 PM): carting...
    Them (10:43:04 PM): deliverin dumpsters
    Them (10:43:32 PM): how about the new york rangers
    Me (10:43:49 PM): i dunno
    Them (10:43:58 PM): 5-0
    Me (10:44:16 PM): !
    Them (10:44:32 PM): they r 5-0 right nwo
    Me (10:44:56 PM): you go to the games?
    Them (10:45:10 PM): not yet...but i will be...yo im goin to dean this weekend
    Me (10:45:47 PM): dean!
    Them (10:45:57 PM): my sister goes there now
    at this point i came to this forum and let the conversation hang. I'm notorious for this online.

    Them (10:26:13 PM): yo
    Them (10:26:14 PM):
    Them (10:26:19 PM): this was the funniest thing i saw in a while
    Me (10:26:47 PM): ouch
    Them (10:27:03 PM): eh i thought it was funny
    Them (10:27:09 PM): even though its really offensive
    Me (10:27:33 PM): did you see the debate?
    Them (10:27:46 PM): which one?
    Them (10:27:48 PM): the vp one?
    Them (10:27:54 PM): i saw the vp and the last president one
    Me (10:28:10 PM): did you see any late night shows after the last president?
    Them (10:28:18 PM): oh no i dont watch those
    Me (10:28:22 PM): =(
    Them (10:28:35 PM): i used to watch the daily show and colbert report a lot
    Them (10:28:39 PM): but stopped watching them
    Them (10:31:05 PM): idk if i can vote for either of the mainstream candidates
    Them (10:31:18 PM): both are for increasing the deficit
    Them (10:31:21 PM): and fuck that
    Me (10:31:28 PM): at least vote on the questions
    Them (10:31:33 PM): of course
    Them (10:31:47 PM): the questions are key
    Them (10:32:00 PM): but honestly fuck obama and fuck mccain
    Me (10:32:06 PM): it's hard. the country won't change, it has to start at the bottom and work it's way up
    Me (10:32:25 PM): we have to elect better people in the town, then the state
    Them (10:32:32 PM): ya true
    Them (10:32:43 PM): the problem is that both parties are abysmally retarded
    Them (10:32:55 PM): republicans = lower taxes keep spending the same
    Them (10:33:13 PM): democrats = raise taxes on rich and up spending dramatically
    Them (10:33:27 PM): its really lose/lose for people our age who are going to have to pay for this down the road
    Me (10:36:01 PM): what's your take on question one?
    Them (10:36:12 PM): whats that the no income tax one?
    Me (10:36:17 PM): mhm
    Them (10:36:24 PM): i talked to my uncle about it whos an accountant
    Them (10:36:34 PM): he was telling me the state income tax isnt that necessary
    Them (10:36:51 PM): it just goes to things on a state level
    Them (10:37:05 PM): not police, education, etc. that they have been complaining about
    Them (10:37:10 PM): thats all local
    Them (10:37:20 PM): so from my understanding im for it
    Them (10:37:37 PM): and even if im against it, how many people are honestly going to vote no on no income taxes
    I let the conversation stop here and started posting on this forum.

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    If you were INTJ, it is very doubtful you would think you might be ISFJ. That's just the way these things work.

    Convo sounds SJ, but out of context it isn't worth a great deal.

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    I'm with Jack. You should know which type you identify with more because they are vastly different in this case. If you have a blog or something else that can be examined it would be more helpful than the IM conversation above.

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    You sound exactly like an ESTJ colleague of mine....

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    Eric, if it's between ISFJ and INTJ, I choose ISFJ.
    You sound very much like an ISFJ friend I used to have.

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