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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
    Here though- try higlanders test!

    New Version of Forum Personality Test
    INTJ based on test.

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    @Frosty Gdi, did we just lose the post I posted with the 2 questions?

    I'll try to reproduce it, although no doubt the wording will be different (since I consider it important to hear your opinion on it):

    1) There are people (group A) who absorb a "wide" spectrum of information, all of which automatically gets stored in their memory, so they are very good at remembering numbers, names, addresses, events, conversations, experiences, etc. But due to having this ability to store all information that comes their way, their brains fail to "filter" through the "spam" and separate things that are worth remembering/focusing on, from things that are irrelevant. In general, they have a talent for remembering bits and pieces of everything that is told or shown to them or experienced by them. But actually putting that information into a hierarchy (from important to irrelevant) and actually making any deeper sense out of that information requires a lot of conscious effort and struggle.
    There are people (group B) who function in an exact opposite way. They require a lot of conscious effort to remember all of the information that comes their way, but are very talented at automatically filtering through the "spam" and disposing of information they consider irrelevant. For the most part, I tend to describe these people as possessing "tunnel-vision", because their brains automatically ignore all information they feel is irrelevant, but remember/focus in extremely deep details on just the few things that they consider to be important. These people can completely forget entire conversations, names, addresses, or experiences, if the automated process of their brain considers that information to be unessential.

    2. There are people (group C) who are extremely concerned with the process of ethical matters. So for them, for example, having a fair competition, or having a fair form of interpersonal treatment, is more important than the long-term welfare/result of any of the parties involved. They don't care if they win or lose a fight, as long as they know that they fought in a fair fight. - "I could cheat, and by cheating save my life, my family, and my house. Or I could fight fairly, and most certainly lose everything and die. I choose to fight fairly." - even if they acknowledge that choosing the path of fairness in their struggle will by a huge degree of chance end up screwing them up, they will still choose fairness over cheating, because a weird sense of their ego is tied to it. Of course, they apply fairness in such sadistic ways not only to themselves, but to everyone around them. So if they would consider it "unfair" to help a drowning man, because he doesn't deserve it, they would most certainly let him drown, and feel perfectly fine with it.
    There are people (group D) who are extremely concerned with the ends/results of ethical matters. So even though they might speak highly about fairness in theory, in practice they however choose to sacrifice all values and principles, to help the drowning man, or help themselves, no matter how hypocritical or unsightly their gesture will be. They will always choose to save their own or someone else's life, friends, property, families, even if doing so involves cheating/lying and other underhanded means. They can easily betray their beliefs, their oaths, their principles, if those things don't yield actual function/benefits in ethical matters.

    I mostly lean towards group B and group C.
    And I tend to have many confrontations/arguments with people who lean more towards groups A and D.

    How do these things correlate to MBTI/functions, and what do my B and C leanings tell of my type?

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    I would say that A lines up with the Si/Ne axis- particularly with SJ, and particularly particularly with ISXJ. Seems a fairly obvious representation of that.

    B sounds like Ni/Se.

    C sounds like it is influenced by 1- that or potentially strong Fi.

    D sounds like image orientation and or just... weak moral integrity (though I WOULD say that as an Fi dom myself)

    It could also be associated with Je- especially if connected to an image type.

    It is hard to say because a lot of these things could be for other reasons- like D could just be associated with unhealthy Fe reactivity by XXTPs- and there are plenty of Te types who are very moralistic in a similar way as C.

    But overall- those would be the base impressions I would get.

    Id love someone to come in and debate me though on this- it would be interesting.
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