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    Default Thoughts on my MBTI type? (Questionnaire)

    Hi! I filled in some questions I found online and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on my type.

    1. What motivates you in life? What do you most want to do? What do you feel would give your life purpose?

    Currently I’m at a period in my life where I feel lost and don’t know what I want. To be honest I’ve felt like this most of my life as I’ve had opportunities and the ability to do lots of things but no one thing in particular stands out. I think a ‘calling’ or knowing what I’m ‘meant’ to do would be great (like that one thing that is just perfect for you and fulfils you) but doubt that exists.
    Over the last few years I’ve found the things that motivate me are opportunities to be around beautiful things out in nature (maybe I’m shallow but it makes me feel at peace). I’m also motivated by being impressive to others (like being good at art or sports)
    I would feel more purpose if I had a goal that meant something to me. At the moment my ‘goal’ is to finish my degree and graduate but I don’t feel connection to it. I feel quite aimless when I don’t know what I want to achieve or what my next step is. I enjoy sports like swimming and running because I can measure myself getting faster and improving and can always find a way to move forward.

    2. Name something you like. Now tell me WHY you like it. Do you dislike anything that is similar to it? If so, do you know WHY you like the first thing but not the second?

    This is like when someone asks you to say something interesting about yourself and you forget absolutely everything about yourself. Hmm. I like the sea. Because it’s beautiful and the sound is relaxing and it’s also very changeable. It can be wild and stormy and scary with great powerful waves but it can be calm and clear and tranquil. I also like it because I associate most of my happiest memories with being by the sea or water. Erm I don’t think I dislike anything similar. What’s similar to the sea?

    3. What bothers you more – a lie, or an inaccuracy?

    A lie. An inaccuracy comes from someone not knowing, whereas a lie is when someone consciously chooses to tell you something false. Honesty is something that is important to me- I rarely get angry with people if they’re honest because no one is perfect and everyone messes up. But if people aren’t honest then you can’t fix things. Also lies tend to make things worse or spiral out of control.

    4. Do you believe others must always come first, or that it is justified to be selfish once in awhile?

    I think it’s perfectly justifiable to be selfish. I think I am equally as important as the other people in my life so it’s important to find a balance between putting others first when they need it most and putting yourself first when you need it.

    5. Two of your friends get into a fight. What do you do – pick a side and defend it, or stay out of it and let them deal with the problem themselves?

    Tell them they’re being silly and that if we talk it through then we can come to a conclusion and move on. There aren’t many things worth losing friends over. I tend to act as a mediator and get people to see things from the other persons perspective, make sure both people get to share their side, etc.

    6. Have you always known what you wanted to be, or do you change your mind on a regular basis as you experience new things?

    I’ve never known! I change my mind several times a day. At the moment I’m using a process of elimination, finding what I don’t like and eliminating that from the long list of things I don’t want to do (sadly that includes science…which I’m doing my degree in and hating every second…)

    7. What are your feelings about routine? If you had to completely abandon your life tomorrow, could you do it, or would you fall back into the same behaviors in your new life that you had in your old one? (Always doing something a certain way, for example.)

    I like routine, even if I’m on holiday I tend to end up following one. Waking up at the same time, eating the same breakfast, going to the same shops, walking familiar walks. I could easily abandon my current life and start something totally new (in fact I’m often very tempted to do so!) but would definitely get a new routine straight away.

    8. What are your feelings about the future? Optimistic or fearful? Be honest, here. Are you pessimistic about the future?

    Both? On the one hand I have loads of possibilities and things I COULD do which feels great. But on the other hand I’m feeling the pressure to choose what I want to do, I’m at the age where I need to get a job and start my career rather than being 14 and everything still being open to change. I have no idea what I want from life or where it’s going. I’m good at thinking of what I could do but not very good at sticking with one thing. The fear of not being good at something holds me back because I usually put my heart and soul into things.
    Growing up I knew who I was going to be surrounded by, what my next step was going to be (high school then university) but now I’m getting to the end of all that and things are less structured and there’s no clear next step for me which is quite scary.

    9. What would be more likely to interest you – the promise of a new and exciting sensory experience that you have never had before (like, say, the chance to swim with dolphins), or something that provokes your imagination?

    Sensory experiences spark my imagination so this is a difficult thing to answer? For me the two are intertwined. I have swum with sharks and rays but not dolphins so all I can think about now is how much I want to swim with dolphins!

    10. Are you good at finishing things, or do you get distracted from them by new, exciting impulses?

    Distracted. I don’t think I’ve ever focused on anything for more than 40 minutes.

    11. Are you good at brainstorming in the moment, or do you like to process your ideas before sharing them? Say you are trying to write a story. Do you tell your friends about it, share ideas, and accept some of their ideas along with your own because they sound awesome, or do you prefer not to talk about your story until after it’s finished?

    I prefer to try and process my ideas but I’m really bad at it. I tend to feel overwhelmed by having so many fragments of ideas and not knowing where to start. If I were writing a book I wouldn’t mention it until it was finished because I’d hate the pressure of people asking when they can read it or when it could be finished

    12. What did you act like during a crazy / super stressed / anxiety-filled period in your life?

    Flighty. Overwhelmed. When I’m stressed I tend to look for an exit, abandon what I’m doing and look for something new. I shut down and don’t get anything done. I really can’t handle stress.

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    Hey Ocean_Breeze, You show signs of using Fi, by prioritizing your own values and you mention quite a lot about yourself as an individual, rather than in relation to others, I would say you are an Fi dom. You also use quite a lot of Se judging by your appreciation of the aesthetics of nature itself, rather than having the subjective interpretation of it that Si may have. You should consider the ISFP, you can check out the description from this website and see if that fits :

    ISFP - Composer Producer


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    Rather than having people type you, why not try the typing test that the site owner has created. It's still in beta form but it can help to narrow down your search.

    New Version of Forum Personality Test
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    Quote Originally Posted by bechimo View Post
    Rather than having people type you, why not try the typing test that the site owner has created. It's still in beta form but it can help to narrow down your search.

    New Version of Forum Personality Test
    Hiya, this test didn't work? I tried it twice and the results page comes up blank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocean_Breeze View Post
    Hiya, this test didn't work? I tried it twice and the results page comes up blank
    I'm linking this reply in highlander's thread so he knows that it quit for some reason.

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