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    Default Time to determine my type. Help please?

    Hey everyone!

    This is my first post on here, despite observing this website from afar numerous times. So, even though its been done so many times, I`d really appreciate your help in determining my type once and for all. I`ve taken many tests before this and my outcomes have mostly been INFP with a couple of INFJ and one ISFJ and one INTJ. So, of course, these have gotten me a little confused. I suppose I`ll describe myself now to give you a better idea...

    I definitely see myself as introverted, first of all. While I enjoy hanging out with friends, it tends to drain me and I relish the time I have when I can be by myself again. Despite this, in a group setting, I can come off as an extrovert in some cases. With my friends, I tend to be the "silly" one. I frequently make jokes whether they`re funny or not and overall just try to lighten up the mood. I always fear that I come across as annoying in these cases, but no one has ever told me that. I also try to make sure that everyone in the group is feeling all right. I don`t like it when one person is in a bad mood and thinks they have the right to put everyone else in a bad mood too.

    I have a fondness for the learning about the occult, whether I believe in it or not. Many times when I find that I have nothing to do, I research certain topics that lean towards the paranormal or alien genre. I like the fact that it makes me think and I enjoy learning about things from different sources so that I can decide who I agree with more. I also love movies, videogames, books, and just about anything else that can get me thinking.

    And while I enjoy learning and can come across as an intellectual if you do not know me, I am very much an emotional person. As a kid, I was a huge crybaby and would bawl my eyes out for the dumbest things. I hated being called on and despised giving presentations in class, unless it was in front of people I knew. Even if I knew the subject matter well, I would feel really nervous and would start to sweat. But I guess you can just say it was merely stage fright.

    I believe I also have a strong value system, but am not against breaking it if the situation calls for it. But if I feel that I`m breaking it for a stupid reason, than I won`t. However, I`m also ALWAYS worried about what people think of me. It is something I have always struggled with, leading to low self-esteem. I`ve been getting better, an I try to help my friends who struggle with it too. I like to think in future-terms, and am always hoping things will get better. And I try to use the past as a guide of what not to do.

    When it comes to organization...I`m not really good at it. Things will begin organized, but as the year goes on, it just falls into a mess. I also have a horrible habit of procrastination, especially if the work seems meaningless to me. However, I eventually get it done, after giving myself plenty of pep talk. It also seems to me that I`m very much a planner. I have a good idea of what I want my future to look like and find myself writing these things down multiple times. I plan for short-term things as well, especially when I`m going to be giving a presentation. Depending on the class, I try to figure out what jokes I can say to my even a small portion of them chuckle, just so the atmosphere isn`t so tense. Of course, its not all jokes though. I try to make it seem like I know what I`m talking about, even if I don`t.

    Now, despite the fact that I have explained plenty of aspects of my personality, I often feel as if I don`t know what my true personality is. I seem to act different depending on the person or group that I am with. With my family, I act more reserved and secretive and am only occasionally a goofball. Around my friends, its the exact opposite. But no matter who I am with, one thing always seems to stay the same...I`m a listener. People automatically tell me their problems even before I start to ask. However, I also feel as if they don`t show the same interest when listening to mine, and change the subject often.

    I`ve read that Infps thoughts are focused more inwardly, while Infjs are more outward and focus on the people around them. After reading the horrifically long post I created, which do you believe sounds more like me? I`m not against the idea of another type though, if you think that fits me better. I`ll enjoy reading the responses and am grateful for your help.


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    From your description I think I see a preference for Fe over Fi so I'm leaning towards INFJ.

    How do you feel about Ni(Introverted Intuition) and Ne(Extroverted Intuition), between those two which one do you think you tend to use more often/naturally?

    If you didn't already, try reading up on the cognitive functions, it will help getting a better understanding of your personality type and how it works.
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    Thanks for your answer!
    So Infj, huh? That definitely seems possible. When I think about it, I guess it seems like I use Ni more, after doing a quick reading about it. But I'll have to look into it more.
    I have looked into cognitive functions before but not nearly enough to call myself an expert.
    Once again, thanks! I appreciate your willingness to read my frighteningly long post.
    I planned on making it longer at first lol. Luckily I didn't.
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    No problem, I just hope I was helpful, even if just a little!

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    You definitely were!

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