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    Default Im a ExTx help me out

    Ive been reading about mbti and ennegrams for awhile now but cant figure out if im a N or S and if im a J or P.
    My ennegram is 8w7
    Ive scored estj entj estp entp
    Rules/authority-i normally dont like following rules unless they make logical sense to me. Ive always challenged authority when needed. I dont like to be micro managed. I dont want to be hovered over. I want to do things on my own time if possibly.
    Work-i believe work should be done as efficient as possible but i don't mind people talking as they work or having some fun...aslong as it gets done. I dont like repeating myself. I prefer in general to get work or whatever needs to be done first and than relaxing.
    Other info-
    1.Stubborn. Once my mind is made up i usualky stick to it..unless someone presents me something thats makes more sense.
    2.impatient. This is a big unfortunate quality of mine. Ever since i was a kid ive been impatient. I want it now type of thing.
    3.i get irritated fairly easy. Even though im extraverted and get my energy from people, dumb people irritate me. Working retail hasnt helped. When things dont go my way i get irritated and tend to be a water is half gone type of person.
    4. Im goofy and love making people laugh. Im goofy around those im comfortable(my kids,wife,etc) with and in general like to laugh and make people laugh. Im loud and love to talk.
    5. With my kids i give them freedom but also boundaries. I encourage art and music even though i suck at it. I make them read. Im very goofy with them. But it can be a little draining for me taking care of them. very touchy feely with my wife. I like spending time with her. She keeps me grounded and calm by reminding me to do so. I normally am not the most affectionate person but she brings it out of me somehow.
    7.i have lots of energy. I like working out hiking and fishing.
    8.extraverted introvert? If thats possible or makes sense.
    9.i like to plan ahead but i do tend to favor the here and now.
    10. I need facts not hunches or anything like that. Show me facts person.
    11. Huge gamer and love of fantasy and scifi. Larper. D&d player. Read a ton of fantasy. I write fantasy and horror also.
    12. When watching a movie i like picking it apart in the sense of meaning if there is one. How and where its filmed,what type of special fx are used and how. Love cinematography and have a eye for it. I know trivia and facts for so many movies wgich to me interesting but to others its useless.
    13.i tend to look at past experiences for how to deal with things.

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    EstX .

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    I agree with ESTP too, seems pretty obvious.

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    This does sound very ESTP.

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