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    Question Confusion with my type

    I recently have become very obsessed over determining my type, however it seems that certain functions could be under and overdeveloped causing a confusion.

    I've taken many tests and 90% of the time I get INTJ. However, I know that this type can be mistyped from INTP and ISTP, which I have gotten only once each from tests. I have taken a clarifying test only to receive ENTJ instead. The problem with ENTJ is on the MBTI tests that I have taken I have been getting 90-95% introverted, so the E doesn't make much sense except for how the functional stack is leveled.

    I believe myself to be a strong Ni user. However, it seems my Ti is just as developed as my Te, if not slightly more(or so the Jung tests say.) In this case, it would point me to being perhaps an ISTP? I don't view myself to be very practical though, usually getting lost in thought during conversations and other things, thinking about the future, and my goals. On the other hand I am a strong procrastinator with school work, however it is usually done on time. (and without experience of many jobs, I think the procrastination is due to lack of interest with school only.) I don't keep lists or organize very often, but I would say that almost everything I do is planned out mentally days before, and there is always a backup plan in my head saved for if something goes wrong. I also have decided where my future is likely to end up, and I'm very set on that. I think I'm good at improvisation, however I almost never rely on it.

    I also recently took a socionics test, and it gave me ILI-Te, which it had claimed to be INTP(pardon my lack of experience with this) From my understanding, ILI-Te is more INTJ than INTP, and ILI-Te INTJ'S exist?
    I would assume to be INTP from how much thought and obsession I've had from this, but I don't think i share the full Ti compared to Te for that to be true.

    I have a pretty firm grasp on believing myself to be an INTJ, however there are quarks that make me wonder if I'm possibly INTP, ISTP, or even ENTJ.

    Anyways, ask as many questions as needed, just looking for help with determining.(recap, I'm pretty sure i'm ILI-Te INTJ)

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    Socionics use a different notation than MBTI, INTp in socionics uses Ni + Te, same as INTJ in MBTI. So being INTJ and INTp-Te makes perfect sense. What makes you doubt being INTJ?
    You also mention testing as ENTJ. Apart from feeling like you're more of an introvert, how does that type resonate with you? A lot of ENTJs mistype as INTJs, because Te isn't really a social function. Have you read up on inferior functions? Do descriptions of inferior Se or inferior Fi resonate with you?
    I think it's better to go by functions than to go by dichotomies if you're deciding between J/P - a lot of people aren't obviously either, but have traits of both.
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    So, according to the test that I took that gave me the result ENTJ (Keirsey Jung test, pretty sure its made by highlander)
    I'm sure you're familiar. My results were Te = Ni > Ti = Ne = Si > Se > Fi > Fe. I haven't gone too deep into the inferiors as I assumed since I'm younger, I'd really struggle determining which one was more prevalent. I do however feel a little bit more in line as to following morals and stuff with my judgement than not. This seems to be in a disagreement with the test, as it should put Fi right above Se.

    The reason I disagree with the test I took on directly putting me as ENTJ, is because some of the "most like me" test answers were literally a cointoss, so I think it could flip pretty easy. I thoroughly believe I'm introverted, even though ENTJ's probably experience the same things. I get quite tired out with constantly talking to people, and usually try to isolate myself a little more than not.

    And on the subject of doubting INTJ, first, I had really high Ti and Ne, (still slightly lower than Ni and Te) which could point more to INTP. I had wondered why my Si was higher than Se as well, then I came to realization that I was more introverted for each trait except intuition. The order in which I got my results were more ENTJ than INTJ, and I struggled determining clear differences between the two. Also, I had heard of many mistypes around INTJ, and I had received that result only after researching fictional characters, and real INTJ's and thought to myself "I hope I'm one too." This kinda left me wondering if I could be subconsciously slightly altering answers to get INTJ, since I pretty much had planned out what answers would get me there.

    I can't quite see what one I use more between the two (Fi or Se) But, I'm starting to believe that my Fi is probably more tertiary instead of inferior. Still leaning towards INTJ over ENTJ, could be a bias though, however I think I've removed the emotional value associated with both.

    Thanks for the guidance, I'm nearly at peace with this subject.

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