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    Default Can anyone help me get my MBTI?

    So, I am a teenager. Just tell me my MBTI type.

    I can be extroverted but mostly introvert
    I have long term plans
    I am organized
    I am good at chess, sports, and also tech
    A little efficient
    I am a big pictured person
    I am lazy but when I need to focus on something I really get in the zone
    I love to play video games
    I love to lead
    I like people following my commands
    I am not usually a leader though
    I like to make my own systems
    I like to read self development books
    I don’t like to lose all the time but I try to accept it
    I can be arrogant but I can control it

    Type Me, Thanks

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    ILE Ne


    You sound like an NT type, I'd guess ENTJ just based on this.

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    I also forgot. I am very argumentative. Since I don't like to lose, that is when I argue. I always make endless arguments actually. I never stop until I win.

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