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    Default Typing eldest child

    I tried the childrens version of the MBTI test to try to find out what my eldest child's MBTI type was.

    When I answered the questions from my understanding of him he typed as an ETJ, when he answered the questions in the way he understands himself he typed as EFP.

    Now I honestly thought the ETJ label fitted him better, but perhaps I'm wrong since my belief that the ETJ type fits him better is based on his aggression levels, his controlling personality, his need to have things in a certain way or he freaks out.

    I know an EFP boy, my friends son and him and my son are totally different personalities. With my friends son we have understood each other from the day I first met him when he was 5 , I get his sarcasm, his jokes, he gets mine, there is this connection that is lacking in my relationship with my own son.

    My son is just different from me, I understand him to some extent but we don't have the click that exists between me and my friends child, or my other 2 children.

    My eldest has a better understanding with his ISTJ father.

    My eldest is also advanced in mathmatics, science (which I read is sort of the norm with children on the autistic spectrum), he is very sporty and active too.

    So what does he sound like to you? (he is 10 by the way)
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    Maybe in between?

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