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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachelinpa View Post
    * Not really in touch with her feelings (wasn't sure if this was a T/F thing or an N/S thing). She does not communicate her feelings to others usually (often to her detriment), but I think it is because she does not know what she is feeling.
    If this is true, I'd rule out all the xxFP types.

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    As for cognitive, MBTI is based on Jung's theory of cognitive functions She reminds readers taht emotion does not come into play but how we direct our energy, how we take in information and how we make decisions.
    Interesting. You make a good point. It is hard for me to remember not to mistake Feeling with emotion. Also, I know the indicator is often used for testing emotional intelligence, which furthers the confusion.

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    Clearly where the confusion comes in is because ITPs can quite sensitive therefore could be confused for ISFPs. I think that I have a great deal in common with that type.

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    Almost all of what you post I can relate to. I'm ISFP but can see a lot of myself in the ISTP description also. A lot of the ISFP descriptions just seem a little too nice.

    I would say she is ISFP.

    She sounds pretty cool.

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