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    Default Can your type determine what sort of learner you are?

    Does your type determine whether you are an auditory, visual or rote learner etc?

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    Role Se <- learn best when you do something , practical learning style.
    Visual Ne or Ni <- learn best when you have imagination of something (focused or randomly generate it doesn't meter)
    Auditory Si <- learn best when you read, listen something... (cuz Si is so focused on external world)

    For example the most efficient larrning style have a defiantly xSTJ. They have two functions focused on external world, they can remember and manipulate with a large data no meter how does it fit internally needs or on another way they will learn things for the sake of task completion. Si is so efficient in learning things that even xSFJ can appear to others as a real goal-oriented thinker! xSTP type work best in practical learning style , they don't like to learn enormous data without practical usefulness, they want everything now so they will be good in learning things where books are not required. For N type there must be either external stimulation of data which is Ne or massive obsessiveness with some idea which is Ni otherwise they are poor learner especially if they are NF.
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