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    Default Could you type me, please?

    I'm 18 years old. And I'm girl.
    - I absolutely love music. I enjoy it a lot; it's like my escape from the reality. I like ALL genres. But I like kpop, rock, folk, celtic, grunge, alternative music the most.
    - People always say that I'm a very smart person. But intelligence is very relative tho.
    - I love psychology and science. But I also love art and museums. I'm a creative/artistic person. I also write a lot.
    - I like anime. Gintama, Tatami Galaxy, Paprika, FLCL, Code Geass and Natsume Yuujinchou are my faves.
    - Sometimes I'm very inside my head that I forget everything else.
    - Some people say that I look very intimidating or cold, but when you talk to me, I am a kind, or at least polite person. I'm very awkward.
    - I ALWAYS have been an introvert.
    - I love to theorize. I really enjoy philosophical thoughts, and I'm always thinking about the mysteries of the universe.
    - I really love astronomy and everything related to space or galaxies.
    - I'm VERY sensitive, but I don't really show it.
    - I'm very intuitive. It's very easy for me spot fake people and liars.
    - I read people very well. I can even know when someone feels bad without say it.
    - I feel a very strong ¿energy? with the nature. I don't know why, but it makes me feel very relaxed.
    - I'm a honest and straightfoward person. I'm also very sarcastic.
    - I like to listen people. And I also enjoy giving good advices.
    - My humour can be very bizarre and weird sometimes.
    - I'm very emotional. I have developed a good EQ. But I'm also a very rational person. (I feel this unnecessary, but my IQ is 142)
    - I love learn new languages. Actually I talk fluent spanish, english, japanese and german. I'm also learning korean and chinese.
    - I don't really like sports. But I enjoy amusement parks and ice skating.
    - I hate to be late and I also hate when people change plans.
    - I procrastinate a lot and I can be very lazy. But I really hate it too.
    I ask this because I'm doubting about what could be my MBTI type. I hope you could help me, guys :') thank you in advance!
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    E9 IXFJ

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    IXFJ - Can figure out if you're intuitive or sensing because you said you're intuitive but you also like some activities that sensing do, tho I'm leaning more to intuitive.

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    LIE Te


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