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Thread: Please type me?

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    Default Please type me?

    Hey guys! I'm Elle, 23, and new to TC.
    This is my 2nd post here.

    I know about mbti, I know I'm an Introvert (I).
    I also know about cognitive functions. But can't choose which functions I use more.

    On this thread, I'm going to post my answers to one of the PC situation based questionnaires.

    Please ask me more questions if it helps you type me better.

    Btw, If you need more info about me, please check out my first thread on my TC profile.

    Thanks guys!

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    ▪▪▪3rd Part ;
    Short Scenario Based Type Questionnaire (Test)

    Your significant other just ended your 2 year relationship quite suddenly and with no apparent explanation. Up until this point you had both been talking about marriage and last week you even went to look at rings together. Now he/she won't even return your phone calls or texts. After talking with his/her family you find out that he/she has just been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer.

    - Describe how this scenario would make you feel as well as what sort of influences and motivations lie behind those feelings. Why do you feel the way you do?

    ■I'm not confrontational, so, I would probably think he left me because he didn't like me, I would feel rejected/betrayed, and I would most likely avoid them too.
    I wouldn't even dare to find out the truth.

    But If I did (by accident), I would go back and help them/motivate them.



    You are in college and this semester both you and your room mate end up in the same class together. You and your room mate get along fairly well and the living situation works but you aren't particularly close. You both typically do your own thing and are rather indifferent to each other. As the semester progresses you excel and become one of the top students in the class whereas your room mate is struggling significantly to grasp the material. The professor assigns a fairly challenging take home test that is a significant portion of your grade. He/she makes it clear that while it is open book, students are to work alone. Later your room mate comes to you begging for help after struggling with the test most of the weekend. You have already completed the assignment and he/she isn't asking to copy your answers, just to help tutor and mentor them as they struggle to complete the test, so there is no way your professor would ever know. However, this is the first time your room-mate has asked you for help this semester. He/she makes it clear that how they do on this test could mean the difference between passing and failing this class.

    ■I know it sounds selfish, but I would ignore her as much as I could.
    However, If she has helped me in the past, ot might be useful for me on future, I will help her.

    Though I would make sure she does most of the work by herself.
    I wouldn't do it for her.


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