Hey guys ! fairly new ENTP here, I mostly know about MBTI and not much about other personality tests. Also I'm French and sentences might stretch out sometimes.

The form to fill in to register here asked about enneagram (I'm 2w3, pretty social and empathetic ENTP, you can often find me spending hours with friends or literally anyone trying to break down their problems and expressing my views on the best course of action to follow, which is also my job, being in the social field of work),but it also asked about Socionics ? What is it ?

I took it and got IEE-2Ne (ENFP). So I was wondering if the socionics results had any real value ? But then again my MBTI + enneagram combo is fairly unsual and could mislead a program with only so many options ?

I'd like to add that I'm absolutely certain I'm not a feeler, Ti is strong, Fi is... somewhere perhaps. I love working with systems, but also applying these systems and personal observations to people and their relationships and/or psychology to understand them. Socially I feel like a chameleon and have no attachment to any value in the absolute, I just pop up, and adapt at almost any cost, then pick someone from the group I find interesting and get into deep theoretical conversations pretty quick. I probably have Fi, I just don't relate to it, I don't let myself get in the way of my understanding others is what I'm trying to mean.
So not a feeler, but a socially oriented thinker.

In this way, can a study of socionics help me understand and place myself better in the social realm ? Did it help you ? If anyone's motivated enough to explain this system to me or send me a link so I can make myself my own opinion, I'd be glad.