I think I'm whole-brained! Not left not right! Help me people! I want to know my mbti to find a career that suits me.If I do a researcher job, I'm getting too much stressed and also if I do an artist job i don't complete it! I hate household chores, risky jobs like driving!I can think logically and analytically though. I am good at mental ability and quantitative aptitude skills.I have a master of science degree in control systems at a University in USA. But, I am not interested to work in that field as it is too complex for me to understand. I was college topper once in my bachelor's in Electronics and communication engineering with 90.2% and won gold medal for my art in 8th grade! I don't want to be an electronics engineer as emf exposure causes cancer! I scored 92%(class topper) in English and 87%(2nd rank in class) in Physics during my 12th grade. I don't plan my leisure time.I am not a great chess player! I get defeated most of the time when I play against the computer!I am not a original thinker while it comes to art or poems. I just improvise old stuff. I obey rules as long as it makes sense and does good for me! Sometimes new ideas come to my mind but I'm scared of the risks and don't know how to execute them!I make plan sometimes but have hard time executing it!I love to watch science fiction movies like aliens and predator.I cannot understand others feelings unless they express it to me! I like to read about how to lead a healthy life. But never execute it in real life. Can someone tell what my mbti is please? I'm 30 years old.