I've had my lady take online tests and cognitive function test. She usually scores intj,but also intp and infp
Some info In helping me type her.
-she is very quiet not so much towards me but there are times where she is.
-She is very scientific. Everything seems to process in her mind in a scientific way.
-Grounded in reality but can be artsy with drawing and playing music.
-tend to gravitate towards animals than people.
-Have to have lists
-put herself in others shoes to see there point of view
-bad at social interaction
-listener than a talker
-is patient and loves to teach people
-thinks people should be able to do what they want as long as they don't hurt anyone
-She want to save the world if she could
-follow rules if they make sense to herself
-spends a lot of time researching animals,space,evolution
-addictive personality
-prefer a form of structure more than often than not
-close mindedness frustrates very easily
-when people don't listen when she's providing what she sees as informative irritates her