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    Question Is my Big Five correlated or relatable with MBTI?

    Hi there, I'm still undergoing a process to figure out my type, I bounced on the big five today and got this:


    uncompetitive, unadventurous, level emotions, not bothered by disorder, not spontaneous, dislikes the spotlight, does not like to display anger, backs down when threatened, risk averse, unambitious, disorganized, messy, unconcerned with prestige/impressiveness, not detail oriented, not manipulative, slow to acquire skills, patient, not relationship obsessed, not aggressive, not wild and crazy, not physically affectionate with most people, underachiever, easily deterred, no interest in leadership, inattentive to the social hierarchy, not superficial, independent, not self absorbed, does not look for hidden meaning in things, modest, can be easily deterred, patient, embarrassed by praise, tolerant, not guided by moods, not very inquisitive, not easily frustrated, not prone to jealousy, easily confused, forgiving, not punctual, easy to satisfy, rarely prepared, private, avoids crowds, attached to conventional ways, not interested in science, slow to judge others, not open about feelings, not prone to addiction, positive, patient, not interested in abstract ideas, feels ordinary, willing to try new things, not materialistic

    SCUAN was a pretty close second

    So, is the big five relatable to MBTI or not? this description, aside from some traits, is quite fitting for me, what you think about it?
    Thanks everyone
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