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    Default Need I a estp entp intp or istp

    Hello everyone. I'm new here which probably won't t help to much typing me but none the less I do like to get some opinions still.
    I've taken the tests online and cognitive ones also.
    Usually I score entp or istp and sometimes intp. It's confusing.
    I always thought of myself as a introvert but family and friends would say otherwise. I like to be in my head and I'm not a big fan of people. However I'm very talkative when it's around close friends or I feel I need to speak up for something. I'm good at holding my own in groups when hanging out or one on one.
    My fiance is a INTP she says I'm exhausting to be around sometimes cause of my energy and need to talk. We get a long great but she is the one who's pointed it out how and why I'm extraverted.
    Somethings about me.
    -like to debate. I've been called a devil's advocate since I was a kid and loved debating in general.
    -get things done. I like to get and finish things quickly.
    -im loud apparently
    -easy way to annoy me is to be micro managed and rules. I tend to challenge things and bend rules when I feel like it.
    -fiery temper and impatient...I am working on this but I get heated easy but I'm also very passionate.
    -i tend to be active by working out or always doing something even if it's video games.
    -i like to read...history,fantasy,sci-fi,horror,biographies.
    -humor is sarcastic dry normally. Witty
    -im into computers.
    -i don't go out of my way to fix things but can if needed.
    -i consider myself geeky as I play magic the gathering dungeons and dragons a lot. I'm usually in my head thinking of fantasy lore,movies music. I like to write.
    -rational and direct. I don't like beating around the bush.
    -i like to solve problems especially challenging ones.
    -i like joking around. Only serious when I really have to be.
    -trial and error when learning.
    -im a good salesman
    -see things for how they are
    -get bored very easily. Interrupt people who bore me.
    -i analyze everything.
    -dumb people annoy me and I have no patience for them. I have to walk away or I'll say something.
    -messy. Absent minded apparently.
    -get side tracked easily
    Myself I felt entp but I'm not a inventor type of person

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    Alpha or Beta.

    -humor is sarcastic dry normally. Witty

    -i like joking around. Only serious when I really have to be.

    If you suck from people energy you are high E type.
    Why don't you consider yourself ESTP cuz you look like one?

    xNTP really finish what they start... Ne>Si
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    I was going to say ESTP as well.
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