So, I've been wondering about my type and I'm pretty confused right now. First time I found out about the MBTI stuff, I did a test and it got me an INFP. I though - "Cool." and from what I've read it suits me quite well. However, my curiosity decided that's it's a good idea to check other types's characteristics as well and after reading them I'm not really sure what I am. I did another test, this time a cognitive one and got rather more confused - top 3 was Ni, Fi, Si, Ne, Fe, Ti, Te, Se, in that order. I thought that I'm an ISFP, but my Se is very low it seems. Then I thought about INFJ and after reading about all those three types they all suit me in a way. I would be very thankful if you lend a hand and help poor me sort its MBTI out.

I believe it would be helpful to share something about myself, so here I go:
I dislike:
- I don't like the idea of a group, I usually view every person as an independent, because I believe everyone is different.
- I really really hate hypocrisy.
- I like when someone is different, but being different just for the sake of it bothers me quite much.
- I dislike when people are doing better in life and they think this makes them superior to others.
- I hate bigheads/self-loving types. They really bother me and I try to distance myself away from such people. If by some chance I get involved in a conversation with them I would just respond with a yes or no.
- Materialism

I like:
- Honest people. Those who'll say the truth without hiding it. Even if they are sometimes rude, I really appreciate their honesty.
- Bright people. I seem to be really affected by the mood of other people. Those people just make me wanna hug them
- And gloomy people as well. I want to hug them as well.
- Music and the lyrics. The sound creates the atmosphere and the lyrics give the message.
- Nature - forest, fields, seashores. Sunsets.

Something about myself: I am a very very shy person, quite self-conscious. I hardly open myself to people. I try to be as kind as I can to people I like. I'm afraid that during conversations there might not be enough topics left in my head. I'm afraid that I might buckle up something with the people I love, so I am somewhat extra-cautious when talking to them.
Though I am not very fond of partying and stuff like that I go from time to time. It's mainly because I fear I might lose contact to my friends. Basically I would prefer to stay at home and watch a movie or read a book or a poem. Also something I've noticed about myself is that the more I like someone, the further I stray from eye-contact.

Thanks for reading! Hope didn't bore you with my post and I would really appreciate your help! Cheers