Okay so I'm quite confused about whether or not I'm an INFP or INTP. I know I'm an introvert because I prefer to hang out with a few close friends and I know I'm an N because I like to think about the future and my head is always in the clouds and I love daydreaming. I'm pretty sure that I'm a P. My room isn't messy, but more disorganized and i hate deadlines and planning (I like lists and stuff just not completing them). I'm just not sure if I'm more feeling or thinking. My BFF of 7 years or something says I'm more intp (she's intj), but my mom(infp i think) and sister(intj) say I'm an infp. I like to help people (that deserve it) and give advice. I don't mind conflict (unless there is yelling). I'll hold a debate with my sister if we disagree about something. I absolutely hate people that are fake and who judge others. My BFF says that I have a very dark and sarcastic sense of humor. I don't mind speaking the truth and saying it how it is, but sometimes I'll try and soften the blow depending on who I'm talking to.