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    Default another typing thread

    1. During your youth (7'ish to 18), What did you focus on the most? What activities did you like and why? What aspect of life was lax in attention?
    I was very much in my own little world. Better that than deal with the real one. I was bullied a lot that by the time I reached high school I did everything to appear invisible and sometimes actually invisible. I ditched a lot but didn't act like your typical ditching student. I would go to libraries or bookstores. The only boy I was ditching school for was Charles Dickens. I loved anything to do with art. I self-taught myself. I loved reading and writing. Creating my own worlds. Anything that tapped into creativity and imagination attracted me.
    The things that got thrown to the side were everyday things and not dealing with bullies properly. Then again when the bullies are some of the popular kids and have teachers wrapped their finger it does become harder to deal with. I felt I wasn't learning in school and wasn't safe there so I ditched to go to safe places.

    2. You're in your senior year of high school (or whatever equivalent) and you are looking back over the last couple of years. What was your favorite aspect of the schooling experience and why? Favorite subject and why?
    I loved art and I excelled in child care. Got some of my best grades there. While art was a passion for average talent, childcare I was both. Plus I loved playing with kids but also kind of being the head honcho. Very Wendy Darling in a way.

    3. A couple of friends call and invite you out to a restaurant. While there, you all are pleasantly conversing and one of your friends makes a comment that irked you. What are you're thoughts and how do you respond? I try to change the subject and if they persist I state my uncomfortableness if they continue I seethe silently or excuse myself from the table. I may be irked and am vocal when so but it is a restaurant and there's no need to make a scene and disrupt the other customers meals.

    4. Your schooling is done and it's time to strike out at the world!! What sort of career do you want to go into and why?
    Librarian! I can put my childcare studies to use and I just love libraries. Part of the reason I escaped to them was you could learn what you want, whatever drew you in. I hated English class because you always had to do group reading and never really had a say in the book. There was this play that I ended reading 3 times through my school years and it was my least favorite play!

    Plus you get to shush loud people.

    5. A friend is getting married and they put you in charge of the cake. You narrowed it down to two places to make an order. The first is a bakery with whom you got a good relationship with. The other is a well-known cake maker to whom everyone goes to (your friend hints to it as well). Which one do you choose and why?
    The bakery that I have a good relationship with. She/he can hint all they want but unless they flat out state they want a certain baker then I'm not obligated to go there. Plus with a baker I know I might get a good deal on the cake which would save money and let's face it weddings are stupidly expensive so every cent counts. Also, I know the baker would try their best to suit the couples wants.

    6. You get into an argument with a friend/family member/co-worker. They criticize one of your personality traits. What would most likely be the focus of their critique?
    I just happen to be around family today and they said I mother hen too much. I overly worry about them and criticize too much. That was fun.
    *mutters: maybe if they weren't so reckless I wouldn't have to fuss over them...*

    7. It's New Years! You and your friends are out and about after a party. Being drunk, one of your friends suggests to do something....'questionable' (Nothing serious. I.e, drugs, escort, etc.). What are your thoughts and how do you respond?

    No, they are drunk. I don't drink for a lot of reasons so as the one of sound and mind I'd probably be the one who makes sure nobody does anything stupid. I'm not a party person so I'm probably on the sidelines observing and making sure my friends have a good time without being too stupid. For some reason I see me bringing coffee packs to sober them up. Like I knew they would get super drunk so I thought of ways to help them. I don't like being the mother hen but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I knew I could have prevented something bad.

    8. A new art gallery opens up and your friend wants to go to the grand opening. Both of you analyze all the paintings and sculptures. What about these works warrants the most attention from you? Why?
    I love portraits and Norman Rockwell type stuff. I just don't understand artists like Picasso and Jackson Pollack. Good for people that do. 'm glad they bond over it, it's just not my cup of tea.

    9. You have been saving up and decide to buy a new car. At the dealership, you peruse the lots. What are the criteria and factors that influence your choice? Which one would initially be your main focus?
    That the engine is good. I'm more concerned about the car being in great shape and will use for a long time than fancy stuff. Give me a car that runs good and has a radio and air conditioning/heater. I can always paint the car later.

    10. Yep, you now have a kid (sex of your choosing)! Years pass and they are now 15 years old. You notice their personality traits are the complete opposite of how you were when at their age. Describe how they are. Describe the possible conflicts that would arise between both of you due to differing temperaments.

    So they'd go to school and not have a goth phase? Thank you, Jesus. Look I'll love my kid with differing temperaments and what not. As long he/she isn't hurting people and ends up in prison, we good.

    Thank you for reading and if you want more info let me know.

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    ILI Ni


    I see Ti and Fe, but the order is fuzzy. I'm inclined to think you're an INTP who seems a little ISFJ-ish on account of being a 6.

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    I'm going, to be honest, I've wondered about INTP but everyone seems to say ISFJ or INFP. For a while I bought into INFP but the Fi never really fit for me. Then lately people have said ISFJ, textbook even, and, well, it made more sense than Fi dom. I just went 'oh well, I'm probably too stupid to be INTP anyway' which there in of itself is stupid to think.

    I'm going to read up on inferior Fe tonight.

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    for more opinions

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