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    Default ESFP, ESFJ or INFP...Can Someone Help Me Figure Out My Type?

    Hello, this is my first time posting here, but I need help figuring out my personality type because I've gotten some very different and confusing answers recently.

    I've always thought I was an INFP because that's the type I consistently got when I took the Myers-Briggs assessment on 16personalities. Recently, however, I've seen people saying that it's inaccurate and cognitive function tests are a more accurate indicator, so I decided to take the keys2cognition test and got typed as an ESFP. I was shocked because I never thought of myself as an extrovert, so I retook the Myers-Briggs test to see if my personality had changed, but again I got INFP with it. I then retook the keys2cognition test today and got ESFJ. I think that I maybe retook it too soon and my answers were skewed because I knew better the outcome they would give me, but I did answer honestly on all tests.

    I don't know a lot about cognitive functions or MBTI in general, to be honest, which is why I'm posting this thread. I'll provide some details about my personality below and would be so grateful if someone who knows more about all of this than I could help me narrow it down a little. I'm female and a young adult, by the way.

    -I like chatting to people, and will often start up conversations with strangers if I feel comfortable, but I also have social anxiety, so many times I stay quiet in large group settings that I'm unfamiliar with for fear of having all the attention on me.

    -I do love attention though, and although praise and compliments may embarrass me, I secretly love them and wish I got more of them.

    -I've had some people describe me as "bubbly" and other people describe me as "quiet."

    -I enjoy going out and doing things, but sometimes this can get tiring and I'll want nothing more than to be in my own bed with my own WiFi.

    -I used to be a bookworm, but I find that my attention span has decreased greatly with age; I even find it hard to watch movies and TV without getting bored or antsy. I've been reading the same book for almost a year because I always end up finding better, more exciting things to do.

    -I'm more liberal than conservative, but I don't associate myself with either and instead vote based on my personal beliefs and morals instead. I also have strong opinions on what I believe is right and wrong.

    -I feel responsible for people's feelings, and if I see someone being left out or not having a good time, I take it onto myself to play the "host" so to speak and make sure everyone is mingling and involved.

    -I hate conflict and as a result, I tend to be passive aggressive, but other times I can be too honest and repel people because of it.

    -I hate when people are mad at me and I also hate being left out. I have major FOMO and will often agree to things just to avoid that even if I have other responsibilities.

    -I procrastinate like CRAZY. I tend to do my best work under pressure, but I don't know if it's true or if I just tell myself that to feel better about myself.

    -I learn by visualizing things (either by writing them down or having an example to go off of) and by asking questions as I attempt to do something.

    -For certain things, I am overflowing with empathy, but for other things, it's hard for me to feel empathy and I actually can get annoyed at overly emotional people even though I am HIGHLY emotional and sensitive. I just hide it because I hate showing weakness.

    -I hate being truly alone, but sometimes I can feel too overstimulated by people and have to be alone in a room to feel calm.

    -When other people are stressed I am calm, but when other people are calm I am stressed.

    -I am an optimist at heart, but I can be highly pessimistic about certain things.

    -I have few friends because I don't make them easily, but I would rather have a lot of friends.

    Is this too much information? Sorry if I went overboard (did I mention I also love talking about myself...?) Anyway, any insight would be amazing as I must admit this bothers me a lot and I would like a definitive answer one way or the other. Thanks!
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    You sound more like an ENFP than any of the types you suggested. ENFPs tend to want friends but be shy, voting based on personal ideals seems like an Fi thing and being a visual learner with attention issues is very Ne. ENFPs also are much less willing to show weakness than INFPs for some reason.

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    It's not too much information, rather it's not enough, or at least isn't specific enough.
    However, a lot of this does actually sound like ENFP. Perhaps you are a withdrawn enneagram type? Maybe a 4, with an instinct of Sp or So first?
    ENFP 4s are ambiverted and tend to have conflicting personality traits or even misidentify as introverts (you can be cognitively extraverted and socially introverted).

    Something to consider.
    adjective: deliberately impassive or expressionless.


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    I can’t tell for certain, but you definitely seem more like an xNFP than an ESFJ. Personally, just your description sounds a bit more Fi (what xNFPs use) vs Fe (what xSFJs use).
    I am a bit inclined to say ENFP because a lot of what you said is similar to how I am. ENFPs can often come across as very introverted, and for some reason a lot of us tend to see ourselves as much more withdrawn than other extroverts.
    ENFPs also have a dominant function of Ne, which technically doesn’t necessarily need social interaction. That give a lot of ENPs introverted tendencies.
    I do recommend reading into cognitive functions though, especially Ne, Fi, Te, and Si. So then it’s a matter of whether you prefer NeFiTeSi (ENFP) or FiNeSiTe (INFP)
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