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    Default Here I go again...

    This is my first time posting here, but definitely not my first time calling my type into question.

    I won't get into the nitty gritty but it pretty much started when I was 18 and typed as INFP. I was kind of at a low point in life during that time. Fast forward to 21 and I'm still identifying as INFP. Then boom! INFJ. Then INTJ. Then ENFP. Then ENTP. Then ENFP again and INFP and ENFJ and...well you get the point. I have tested as almost every intuitive type as well as ISFP, ESFJ and ESFP.

    The problem is, I have depression and ADHD. When I'm feeling bad, my true personality and preferences are hard to distinguish. What I thought was Ne dominance is probably just the ADHD acting up.

    Now fast forward to now. I have been jumping between ENTP (which I now highly doubt I am), ENFP, ESFJ and ENFJ. I know for sure that I AM an extrovert. I AM idealistic in the true sense of the word. I always have been. I have always been a curious person.

    I have knowledge of the functions obviously, but I can't figure out what my functional stack would be. I'm about 90% sure I prefer Fe over Fi, but as to whether I prefer Ni over Ne or Si over Se is a little blurry at this point.

    My written communication tends to be better than spoken. I'm constantly thinking about the future implications of other people's present actions. I'm not afraid to assert my opinions where I feel it matters. As a kid I remember calling people out on their crap whenever I wanted to. If I'm not careful I can start to low-key push my opinions on others in hopes of them thinking the way I do.

    I'm quick to make snap judgments until someone gives me another perspective and then I can mull things over some more. I wish more people would come to me about their emotional concerns but most of my friends seem to prefer Fi so they often don't, know how Fi works. :P

    Sometimes I feel a little nostalgic. This made me wonder if I use Si. But really I think any type can be nostalgic and Si isn't just about memory or nostalgia.

    Even though I would definitely prefer to trust it, I often question my intuition (which, I think, is from a lack of self-confidence or self-esteem.) This seems to be a trait of nurture vs. nature though.

    I have always paid attention to physical details in the world around me, but I don't always look at things as simply what they are. Often when I notice something in the physical world, it triggers my imagination.

    For as long as I can remember, I have always been one to adapt to my social surroundings without complaint. I don't get along well with stubborn people and people who don't try to maintain outer social harmony.

    I long for deep connections with all of my friends, I don't care who they are. And I want to be liked. Who doesn't? :P

    I can't think of much else right now so I'll leave it at that. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    Hey there

    Tert or inferior Si tends to work in a nostalgic sense. INXP or ENXP use tert and inferior Si. this may help you a bit.

    By your description I'm gonna lean to ENFP.
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