Hey guys, I think I'm an INxx. I read about the MBTI, but I'm skeptical, I want to clarify in my assumptions. I'm curious and want an answer.
I'm a high school student and I tend to be:
Mature for my age. And very misunderstood. The teens around me are immature, none of the stupid things they do make sense!
I like doing things my own way and figuring it out on my own.
Blunt. And I wish people were less sensitive, I didn't mean anything in a bad way.
Confident. But I may seem very humble.
Saying that doesn't make sense quite often! But why? I remember trying to figure out the motivation to why a someone hugged me randomly.
I don't care about traditions or social norms. They are pointless. And if I think something is stupid, I tend to criticize about it a lot.
I am very introverted.
I usually do things as a means to an end. I don't want to volunteer, but if I do I can get higher chances to go to a better school. My dad does it more for helping the community, not me tbh.
At home, I'm a goofball, I dance around and be funny, and sometimes alone, I used to act out my fantasy adventures when I was younger.
I love theories and the abstract. I'm not down to earth, I do live in the moment and can barely think ahead, but I am a bit of a person who's too obsessed with fantasies.
I love physical activities like running and water sports. They are my favorite hobbies besides writing and watching shows.
I'm not curious, only for things I love. If I'm curious about a certain character in my fave show, I will find what I want.
I like routine and cleanliness.
I value close friendships to be strong emotional connections.
I don't care what others think, and criticism goes from one ear and drains out of the next.
I live and let go
I attach more to characters and fictional universes than reality.
I have a high moral system. I can be critical, but I'm mostly warm hearted even if I seem sad, and I like warm and harmonious environments