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Thread: Please type me!

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    Default Please type me!

    I am very unsure of my type even after thorough research into the functions.
    -I walk around with a daydream state almost, imagining situations that haven't happened and reflecting on past events. It's almost like I'm watching a movie in my head and it can make me look zoned out.
    -In high school everyone thought I was using hard core drugs cause I walked the campus with a vacant smile on my face and looked super out of it like I was tripping. I haven't used any drugs ever.
    -I'm extremely polite but never fake. I hate fake people. I imagine how I would feel if I were them and then I treat them as best I can. I always look out for those around me.
    -I dress my own style and I've been told I'm very stylish for a long time.
    -I am a Christian and very dedicated. I judge everything on the basis of what the Bible says.
    - while I am somewhat judgmental of ideas contrary to the Bible, I am very open minded. I will hear out anyone because we all deserve to be heard.
    -I am easygoing but hell hath no fury like when someone messes with one of my friends. I can get very aggressive but not usually when the target is me. I've gone from chilled out to "I don't give a fuck who you are, if you got a problem with my buddy we can take this outside." But I really hate violence, it's a mode that only happens rarely but I become a beast and I almost can't control it. I get really intense
    -I am very aware of my surrounding even while daydreaming. I can snap out of it and then I can react quick.
    -I am very resourceful with things around me and I can use objects around me quicker than most. I.e.: using a box to reach something high up.
    -Sometimes I can be very offensive with my beliefs. Like I just say it how it is. I feel bad after usually but I can get lost in my passion.
    -I've been told I'm very intense. This is in contrast to my easy going side I never take life lightly and I hold myself to extreme standards. I end up berating myself if I fail.
    -I hate surface level conversations. I can't be friends with people that just do stuff, we need to be heading in a similar direction as far as beliefs and values.
    -I have always been called extremely mature for my age. I'm 21 now.
    -I don't do things that I believe are wrong and there is no swaying me with logic.
    -I can be tough and aggressive but I'm very sensitive. My family says you can't tell except at home.
    -I'm a hopeless romantic
    -I like sports but it's never been my thing.
    -I need to feel like an individual and I need to like what I'm doing
    -i like deep conversations but the type that are emotionally vulnerable and honest about the world
    -I go between extreme extrovert entertaining everyone to completely silent and avoidant of people
    -I usually let people treat me bad for a long time before saying anything. Usually it's when they start to treat others bad. I have an " I can take it" attitude. People sometime think that I'm weak but they realize how strong I am when I decide to stop letting them mess with me.
    -I deprave myself of things I want to put my principles first but when principals are not involved I can be really impulsive
    -I am polite but there is definitely a shield up when I meet people. I am distant until I can trust someone on a deeper level
    -I get vibes from people and I am good at reading expressions. According to me lol but I can be oblivious to ways people are using me and others will need to make me realize it
    -I'm pretty trusting and gullible
    -I spend money on good food and expensive liquor but I never drink to get drunk. I just want to enjoy great quality. I own $400 dollar boots and it follows through with my clothes.
    -I've been called deep very often and insightful
    -I get pretty depressive and doing things with my friends helps a lot. I like individual sports like martial arts and rock climbing
    -I struggle with insecurities but I'm getting better all the time. It may have something to do with my being abbot of a loner.
    -I'm constantly laughing to myself cause I can see through people and people trying to be cool. It's like I can see what's really going on and I can't help but laugh.
    -I did crossfit and literally had to stop cause they took themselves way to seriously. I literally laughed so much because the first rule of crossfit really is to talk about it. I saw myself talking about it all the time and made jokes bout myself. I make fun of myself a lot actually. No one is safe 😂
    -It's not fair because I am hilarious and I make myself die laughing when I watch people and stuff but it isn't explainable. Like people ask me why I'm laughing and I say "it's nothing" because I know it won't translate. I make myself cry
    Help me to figure out my type please! Thanks!!

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    Well you are definately an NF. Im thinking INFJ but it could be totally wrong. Welcome to the forum
    You are the only possible steward of what your soul deems as right and you should always be on your own side before anyone else...alive or dead.
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    well you sound A LOT like me and I an I am gonna say that. Welcome to the forum, also nice to see another devout Christian <3
    Winter Solstice (A feeling): Finding the brute of yourself while enduring the brute of the world.
    ENFP (Ne-Fi-Te-Si)
    CORE 1w2. TRITYPE 1w2 2w3 7w6.
    and almost 100% in neurotic on the big 5.
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