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    Default New here. Help typing me

    Hey everyone.
    So ive taken cognitive function and mbti tests and have scored intj entp istp. Its confusing that its come out differently a few times considering they seem different.
    Some things about me.
    I dont like dealing with incompetent people. I become impatient and irritated very easily with people who are barrow minded and dumb.
    When someone asks me a question i tend to have a answer ready because im always thinking of situations and outcomes in my head and what i would say.
    If i dont know something i will think it out and every possible outcome and give a answer.
    I like to debate.
    I dont like repeating myself.
    I dont like to be interrupted when thinking or speaking. I get very irritated when that happens.
    My work spaces are very neat and planned out. My home is more chaotic but to me i know where everything is at.
    Im usually in my head and zone out.
    I can hold my own in a group and hate being controlled. Id rather be the one in charge but i dont want to be to controlling. I just feel i can manage better than my bosses.
    If someone is talking and its boring me ive been known to randomly bring up something that interests me instead..which is rude of me but its mind numbing to hear people go on and on bout nothing.
    I am a avid reader.(fantasy and horror)
    My gf is a intp and she says i tire her out with talking and my ideas. And she and most people i know would call me a extravert. She also says im abstract in my thinking.
    I have a fiery attitude and i can be loud.
    I like to goof off with those im close with.
    My humor tends to be dry sarcastic. I live things like mst3k curb your enthusiasm and sunny in philidelphia.
    Ive been called eccentric.
    I dont follow whats considerd normal or conventional. I like to push the envelope and try new.
    Im very blunt and to the point.
    I like to laugh and i like to make people laugh
    I challenge and question everything.
    Im very logical.

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    You seem ENTJ-ish.

    People won't be able to type you with very few information unless they got to know you more and create some kind of rapport with you.

    It's also very unwelcome to most here to type a stranger who shows up out of nowhere just for the sake of being typed. You'll get very polite kind of answers that mean "We're not your personal army, punk".
    Can you imagine yourself wasting your time lurking in the forum typing strangers for fun? I thought so.

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