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    Default Help me type this person?

    Middle aged woman.
    Definitely more drawn to people than concepts. Claims to be able to instinctively understand the true nature of people. Makes the mistake to assume that the family background is the only thing to influence growth. If she gets a good or bad vibe about a person, she will only see the positive or bad side.
    Studied biology because she wanted to understand the meaning of life. Would have preferred to take philosophy.
    Often tries to compulsively rationalize in the wrong way. Her reasoning seems biased by her instinct and superficial (example: person says that after a breakup is paranoid about being played upon. She explains this with "he has a narcissistic desorder. Probably the paranoid one", thus ignoring that the symptoms of the paranoid narcissist are shared with paranoia, both in the clinical and common meaning).
    Writes poetry, loves any kind of art, and takes pride in her abstract language. Words are put together without a true logical meaning ("dreams of cream and emerald"), often writes about her Soul.
    When speaking, gives a lot of unnecessary information about how she feels about things. (Example compared to an ENTJ teaching to drive. The ENTJ explained how the gear works and what to do in a case-by-case scenario. She spent more time just asking to be safe and complaining about the reckless drive of other people. When I told her she had forgotten to change the gear, felt hurt). When she serves food, spends even hours telling how she feels good about it and how healthy it is.
    Really forgetful about her environment. Forgets objects around nearly every day.
    Devouted to her beliefs. (Example, family). If you go against them, she will start manipulating you by how hurt she feels and how of a disgrace you are.
    Often has paranoia. "You can't go to the city alone. Someone could stab you in the middle of its most important square"

    Any suggestions?
    I don't think that it's so personal
    I don't think that it's irreversible
    Sometimes I feel like I'm a sentimental trooper.

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    Some kind of ExFJ, I'd guess.

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