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    Default What's My MBTI Type?

    I've been trying to work this out for ages, but every time I come to a conclusion, I find out something new which changes my perspective completely. When I started I thought I was ENTP (based on the ENTP description on 16personalities), but then I learned about cognitive functions, and I realised I'm definitely not an Ne-dom. I then considered ENTJ, INTJ, ESTP... the list goes on. I know a few things:

    • I'm definitely an xxTx.
    • I'm also 99% sure that I use Ni and Se, but I'm not an Ni-Dom.
    • I seem to use Ti rather than Te, but I'm not certain on that.
    • I roughly in the middle on Introversion/Extroversion scale.

    So that leaves me deciding between ENTJ, ESTP and ISTP. I relate to a fair bit to each of them, but I certainly don't think "That's me." for definite (unlike with the enneagram, where I worked out my type straight away). As I said above, I seem to have Ti, which would make me an xSTP, but I relate a lot to NT temperament, and I'm definitely quite a lot like a J type (although maybe I'm just like that on the inside.)

    Please ask questions (don't give me one of those questionnaires though - I'd probably go insane having to answer all the questions and format the post on my phone). I haven't given any information here because frankly, I don't really know what to put. Keep in mind that I'm a 3w4 on the enneagram, and that I'm also a teenager, so that obviously has an effect.

    Basically, I'm trying to understand whether I use Te or Ti, so if there are any ways in real life to tell the difference between Te and Ti, let me know.

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    I am in the same situation as you, I recognize myself in a few types but in none I tell myself that it is 100 % me.
    Can tell me more about you, please ?

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    The difference between Ti and Te is pretty obvious. In fact, Ti and Te dominants come into conflict a lot when they are young. If you're a Te-dom, you're more about applicable knowledge. You'll know enough to get the job done and consider anymore to be frivolous. Te users might see Ti users to unnecessarily complicate things more than they need to because a Ti user will always find a loophole in Te logic/rules (you'll see Fe users considering the same about Fi users).

    Ti's want to be considered competent above all else. They will want to know everything about something that interests them and the knowledge is an end in itself--however an ISTP will go about this differently than an INTP for instance. ISTP HAS to learn by doing which can be conflated with Te's desire to get 'er done, but ISTP is caring far more about the learning and the demonstration of competence than he is with making an outward change in the world.

    ENTJ has two laser-focused functions: Ni is about unraveling patterns for Truth, and Te is about organization and implementation, you won't find a better stack for a visionary leader. ESTP is more about thrill seeking and use their Ti to learn from those sensations (this is how I use my body to the best of my ability, my car is responding like this because of this right now but maybe I can push it...). ISTP is the reverse, using sensation to learn something (in the car scenario, an ISTP will push the limits of an engine to see/hear/smell how it responds and deepen their knowledge of its limits from that. it's a subtle difference.)

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