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    Default Am i a intj intp entp or entj

    So ive taken these wuizzes multiple times including the cognitive ones.
    Ive scored intj intp istp and entp. Intj id say ive scored the most.
    The last test i took was on keys2cognitive and i scored intj but possibly entj or istj. Its confusing to get outcomes sometimes.
    Some things about me.
    I am a person who likes to laugh and joke around. But only woth those im close with as in friends and family.
    Im goofy around my wife and kids.
    When it comes to work i manage a section of a store. I dont like to be told what to do normally. I like to not have to repeat myself at work and in general. I dont care if people talk at work but the work needs to be done.
    I can be very impatient and short tempered with annoying or dumb people.
    I prefer to not go to parties but if i have to go i can hold my own conversations but its mentally draining.
    I enjoy debating and playing devils advocate.
    I read a lot of fantasy and horror.
    I usually am reading throughout the day in general.
    Im organized at work more so than home.
    I stand up for myself and hate unfair/injustice.
    I dont like info if i cant apply it or if it bores me i zone out.
    Very confident
    Usually outside of the box thinking or acting.
    I usually question everything since i was a child.
    Been called insensitive or a asshole often....i understand thats not good but i can be very blunt
    very trying to get better at not being it so much. But if i feel im right
    My infp wife thinks im extraverted but i feel introverted. I think working retail has forced me to be more talkative and she says i have more energy than her.

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    do you naturally act before think or vice versa
    Do as you please we are as gods

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