Hey guys
I took two personality tests so far and both said I was an ENTJ with N being 56%. I am still not sure whether I am an ENTJ or ESTJ.
What do you think?

This is how I would describe myself:
- organized, but I still like to do thing off the cuff and spontaneous without overthinking things
- Very clean house
- much into ideas and brain storming. I think about a lot of things. For example when I walk into another room to get something I am sometimes so lost thinking about thongs that I forget that I wanted to get something.
- I have a lot of ideas, but often do not execute them
- I love setting goals and thinking about the future
- I am a people person and love networking
- very ambitious, sometimes a bit too much maybe
- very strategic thinker
- I do not like showing feelings
- Sometimes I am a procrastinator and don't get the most important task done because I am busy thinking about new things.
- During conversations I sometimes stop listening, because I am thinking about other things and future
- To think I often have monologues in my head
- I sometimes doubt my decisions
- I can by quite stubborn and try to make things work the way I want them to work
- I can be quite cold in the relationship with other people and can move on after a relationship with hardly any emotions
- I can feel when people have problems or are stressed out easily
- I can read people well
- I really value loyalty
- I like having things run as efficiently as possible
- I can not stand slow people
- I value punctuality and hate being late

So, after all this, what do you think?
Thanks, it's appreciated.