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Thread: sp/sx or sx/sp?

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    Default sp/sx or sx/sp?

    help! I'm having doubts about my enneagram stacking lately. I'm pretty sure I'm so last but I do not know which of these two fits better. I relate to the "dauntless" description of sp 4's, but I relate also to the general sx/sp description of a brooding person, but I don't know if it could be related to being a 4-5-8...

    Any ideas?

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    Instincts are my weak point, but I'll try.

    SO: focused on activity with the group and one's place in it.
    SX: attention is focused on the attachment and attention to an other.
    SP: Focused on the self's needs and preservation.

    Hope that wasn't too butchered.
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    The way I see it, the Sx/Sp is more likely to be fine "merging" with a partner or obsession, whereas the Sp/Sx values their individuality/independence above all else and will keep at least some distance at all times. Like @Mayflower said, the Sx dom craves the attachment, the Sp Dom craves preservation and is therefore more individualistic than the Sx Dom.
    I used to mistype as Sx/Sp actually, they're quite similar in MANY other ways.
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