Hey, i am new here.I know so much about MBTI and the typology of MBTI.It's like a part of my life ,it's been almost 2 years since i discovered MBTI and i feel like i've always knew it.But i don't have enough knowledge about Enneagram so i can't type myself and i don't trust the tests because they all say something else.I am so glad if you can read this and help me to find my type.Here is some questions and my responses,oh by the way i am an INFP.
1-what makes you angry?
I don't get angry easily.I am so calm and self controlled in general.But i can't forgive the betrayal,and i get angry when someone try to break my privacy.
2-what do you like/dislike most about people?
Sometimes i feel like i like people so much,i mean human being,because i can always see the good side of them even if everybody sees their worst.But sometimes i hate all of them(including me) because we can really do terrible things that hurt eachother or the animals ,we can hurt all the world.
3-do you like animals? why?
Yes so much,i have 6 cats i think the animals are the best friends.They don't judge you,they don't let you down,they don't do mistakes in a friendship,they are always there for you.
4-what do you like most about the favorite people in your life?
He is my best friend and so different than me (an ENTP),but we always understand each other,he is the only one who can sees what i feel or what i think just by looking to my eyes.And also he has a great personality,he always thinks his friends like his family and he actually acts like that,i know he will do everything for us to be happy.He is the least selfish person i've ever known.But he doesn't seems like that,no one will say the things that i write here when you ask someone about him,he always look so cool and strict and a little egoist.I am so glad to have him.
5-what do you like/dislike most about yourself?
I like that i am always calm and always try to fix somethings,when i argue with someone i am always try to solve the problem,even if it is not my problem i do this just for help people.And i can deal with anger,stress or panic easily.
I don't like that i am so shy and i can't talk with strangers and have a little problem with meeting new people.
9-what makes you feel secure?
I feel secure when i am with people that i am trust.
10-do you like being in a relationship? why/why not?
I don't like really,actually i don't like this kind of relationships in our age in general,it seems so fake to me.I care about love but i don't think people can separate love and sexual desires and as an asexual there's a big line between them for me .If i find someone thinks like me,yeah i can like being in a relationship.But now i don't,i am single since 2 years and i am happy with that.I don't want someone who pretends to care or jalouse or love,i can't be sure if someone loves me or not ,and this is not a kind of relationship that i want.
.12-what do you spend the most time thinking about?
I like creating new characters and stories in my head,it makes me happy.I also write little stories in paper too so it is normal.