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    Default INTP,INTJ or ISTP help typing

    So ive taken most of the tests online and usually get INTP or INTJ and ennegram type 8 but it fits and than it doesnt fit.
    I had my gf take the test as if she was me answering and she got intj on one and istp on another.

    I wanted a non biased view on the test so I had here take it.

    I seem to contradict some of the things that make each one what it is.
    she is a INTJ and is very much like the character bones from BONES
    while she would compare me to dr ian malcolm from jurassic park.

    things about me
    -loud according to my gf
    -dont like authority
    -chaotic neutral d&d standards
    -dont like being told what to do
    -read a lot
    -love metal and listen to music every day
    -humor is dry,sarcastic,witty(sunny in phili,mst3k,curb your enthusiasm)
    -not to mechanical with cars but like to computers and electronics
    -dont like having a to do list
    -go with the flow
    -i like being in charge when it comes to work at my job
    -have no problem pointing out illogical things around me
    -being called stupid is worse to me than being called other names
    -short tempered
    -fiery attitude
    -hate losing
    -talk a lot around people im comfortable with

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    If you are sure your enneatype is 8, then you probably are an INTJ. I've never seen an e8 INTP.
    Try filling in a questionnaire.
    I don't think that it's so personal
    I don't think that it's irreversible
    Sometimes I feel like I'm a sentimental trooper.

    6w5 - 3w4 - 9w8 so/sp
    Chaotic neutral.

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