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    Default [MBTI] Type me, please.

    Like the title, please type me.

    Here's the information

    1. My most important values.
    -Freedom, Knowledge, Open-Mindedness

    2. Opinions on love and beauty.
    -Beauty is... whatever people find beautiful. We sense the same thing but have different opinions on it.
    I might find one stormy day beautiful, but not another stormy day. So, I believe beauty is a feeling?
    Love is also a feeling which I couldn't really put my hands on. It's complicated and hard to analyze as all feelings are.
    I love, of course. I love different things and people in different ways. Still, I always question if love is real, or is it just a beautiful lie to make our lives seems meaningful.

    3. Spiritual/Religious believes.
    - Agnostic, maybe? If I get the meaning of the word right. There might be things, but there might not. I believe that there will always be things unknown to us, the mysteries that couldn't be explained. We have to think logically before believing, of course, but you also have to be open-minded.

    4. Concerns about appearance.
    - I do care about my appearance, but, at the end I couldn't be bothered. So a wild hair, split lips, bruises, scars, and broken nails is nothing new to me. I like certain clothing styles too, but I still prefer being comfortable over all else and stick to basic clothes like tees and shorts/jeans. I also dislike dressing up unless really necessary. Too much trouble.
    I keep myself clean, though, hygiene is important.

    5. Routines
    - No routines. I do what I feel like at the moment. Well, maybe except in the morning when I have breakfast. I usually like a book/new tv-show episodes/new anime episodes over my food.

    6. Comfort zone
    - My room. In my bed. Alone. I'm also very protective of my personal space.

    7. What makes me smile. What makes me cry.
    -Smile: Sincere compliments about my intellect, Finally solving a puzzle, Private jokes, Good memories that popped out from nowhere, People giving me what I want, My interests
    Cry: I don't know. I do cry, but I don't know why. I guess it's when I feel too much? But sometimes I'm in tears even though I feel nothing.

    8. Weaknesses (I also asked others that know me about this.)
    - Mood swings, appears unapproachable, appears too serious, too private and withdrawn, too quiet, gets irritated easily, too honest, uncaring and insensitive at times, absent minded, thinks too much, unpredictable, stubborn sometimes, argue too much, too complicated, sarcastic, cruel jokes(sometimes), not gentle, procrastinates a lot, never plans, do only the things that interests me, selfish at times, forgetting things

    9. Strengths (Most of them are other people's opinion of me.)
    - Surprisingly chill, surprisingly not unfriendly as I look, surprisingly caring, have sense of humor under all the seriousness, brave, confident, independent, open-minded, good listener, give good advices and wise words, gentlemanly(?), logical, imaginative, clever, can carry a good conversation, deep, mature, trustworthy, mysterious (I don't know if this is a strength, but others say it is?)

    10. Qualities that I like/dislike in other people.
    - Dislike: attention seeking, simple minded, close minded, overly friendly, know it all, goody two shoes, do gooders, the one that think their way is the best way, the one that forces their opinion on others, the one that orders me around, the one who never listens (I don't hate them. I don't hate people easily. I just would prefer to not talk to them if not necessary.)
    Like: people with abstract ideas, sensible, reasonable, relaxed, straightforward, charming, cunning, not too serious, not naïve, know how to have fun and break rules at times, people who could enjoy silence with me

    11. In an argument
    - If the person I talk to is an unreasonable person, I would ignore them because it is a waste of time, or at least ignore them until I can't stand their blabbering anymore, then I would start questioning their logic until their back is against the wall. It is fun to watch the know it alls getting nervous and angry, though I wouldn't push them too far.
    But if the person is reasonable, I will listen to them and then give my own opinion on the matter. Throw in some facts and examples and theories based on logic. After we're bored with arguing, we will part ways. But I would debate with myself again on the matter when I have time (or when I remember the arguments) and then maybe bring it up again the next time we have a conversation.

    12. Friendship
    - I, naturally, prefer to be alone. Usually I could just talk to myself, or my other self as I call them and ask them for advice. And I could entertain myself enough with my interests. But once in a while, talking to other people give you new perspectives.
    That is how I became friends with my current close friend. Conversations. Similar interests. We have our differences, of course, but we are willing to accept those differences. I listen to him talking about his passion, while he doesn't demand much from me. We care for each other to some extent, spend a great deal of time in each other's company, and even share some secrets. Most of the time we meet, it was not planned. He knows where I will be, and he knows that he would always be welcome. So he seeks me out nearly everyday until it became his routine(And I must admit, even though I don't expect that he has to come everyday, I do miss his presence when he doesn't.)
    He says I am one of his best friends. But despite that, I can't call him best friend in return.
    Because I get tired too easily with all kinds of relationships. And it probably won't last to the end of the world.
    I don't want to be sure with something so uncertain.

    13. Romantic relationships/crushes
    - None.
    I can't really grasp the concept of romantic love yet. I guess I might understand it when I finally get to experience it.
    I also think this type of relationship is very uncertain.

    14. Family
    - I live with both of my parents and I have no siblings.
    Even though 'love' to me seems complicated, I know I love my mother and could use the word love with her without questioning myself. We are quite close, but because I value my privacy and alone time, and she values her responsibilities greatly, we don't have all the time in the world to chat and be all sweet and loving. Sometimes she couldn't understand me. Sometimes I don't tell her what I really want. But we know we care for each other, and there are times that we joke like a friend and have nice conversations. She went through a lot because of me, and for that, I am grateful. I show my appreciation by trying not to be an asshole. And I could at least say that I would kill for her.
    As for my other parent...
    Let's say I avoided being in the same room with him, because that means unexplainable anger, irritation, fear, pity, and sadness inside of me. Yet the bond doesn't break, thanks to a certain understanding I have of him.

    15. Strangers
    -I tend to avoid people, strangers or not, because I'm not good with greetings and small talks.
    But in some situations, I cannot avoid it. Therefore I would plug in my earphones, take out a book, and ignore them all.
    If socializing is needed or I feel especially active, I will start to observe. I will approach the one that have similar interests or the one I think is interesting. I will also be open to others, and will really judge them after a conversation or two.
    In conclusion, I would not freak out when surrounded by strangers, but I will feel very uncomfortable if one is being overly friendly with me.

    That's all about me that I could think of off the top of my head. Thank you all of you that spending time reading it. It is long, but I wish it could help you type me better.

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    Uhmm... You seem to be a Ne user to me (open-minded, abstract ideas). I would say INFP. Enneagram-wise, might be 9 or 6?

    Just my guess .

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    Why don't you take an mbti test?

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    Lots of strong Fi and Ne in your post. INFP, straddling on the F/T part, could be because of you having a logical/cerebral kind of enneagram type.

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    You must be my doppleganger. INFP I would say you are.
    I don't want to die in a car accident. When I die it'll be a glorious day. It'll probably be a waterfall.
    -River Phoenix

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    Ti = Ne > Ni > Si > Te = Fi > Se > Fe
    5w4 - 4w3 - 1w9
    Chaotic-True Neutral.

    My Socionics test result:

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    You sound very INFP. Lots of Fi.

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