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Thread: INTP?

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    Default INTP?

    I was a little confused about the possibility of being an ISTP because of being absorbed in my head and good at noticing and utilizing physical abilities( pretty athletic and enjoy it). At the same time I prefer more abstract things in my head but my writing I think and explanations I think are more descriptive than some other N posters here.

    So I was thinking INTP or ENTP because I don't think my preferences for athletic stuff is indicative of a dominant S. Very absent minded, miss a lot of physical details, focus more on peoples thoughts and words than body language/emotional undertone. Ne I think I might have had more of a liking for because I was like a closet Introvert for a good part of my life. Played soccer year round, multiple teams, went out with my team mates, parties, talkative when drunk. I always liked reflecting and withdrawing in my head though and was more at home when discussing a theory, perspective or just brainstorming. I have a tendency to annoy people with "why" questions. I inevitably end up getting to the point where they don't know, they would rather not discuss at length, or do not feel like straining or researching to get back at me. Impatient sometimes in getting answers.

    -Absent Minded

    -Talent and preference for sports/athletic activity

    -Forgetful of details

    -Flexible perspective( sometimes harder to figure out my own)

    -Like metaphors and analogies

    -selective and reflective in speech. Not very short on words when writing

    -Very naturally Impersonal. I always strive and feel more comfortable when deciding in this manner. Sometimes I have to withhold my speech to come to a more personal judgment so I don't offend someone where it would be really inappropriate.

    -Curious. Will research outside of educational purposes to advance my knowledge on something whether it be electronics(videogames, comp, mp3 player, reviews of software/movies) business strategy, a theory or subject thats especially interesting to me.

    -Very comfortable alone, prefer it a majority of the time.

    -Flexible relaxed easy going lifestyle. never punctual. hate routines go on my whims.

    - Somewhat disagreeable. Love debating/questioning to learn.
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    Pretty young? ENTP vibe, unsure.

    Research is your friend, my friend. Please Understand Me II

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