I've taken this from INFP

I've highlighted the bits that apply and faded the bits that don't, the parts I left are things that didn't stand out to me as being particularly true but aren't untrue.

I've always thought I was T but I think I looked at it the wrong way. I was leaning towards S when I typed last time.

I have a very internal focus. I think I look at myself through other peopleís eyes, but sometimes I can lose touch with how things work for me. Then I can get introspective, going very deep and staying there, not coming out too quickly or easily. Somehow I find it very difficult to put into words and communicate the things that really matter to me. Most people donít have the foggiest notion about what goes on with me.

I like harmony and seek consensus and do well with the deep issues. My values and the things that are important to me often feel outside the mainstream in the sense that I feel impinged upon and uncomfortable with so much of what goes on. Iím too private to push my values on to other people, but I am convinced that one ought to be congruent in their own life if they are going to expect congruence from others. In a sense I hold other people to that standard, and I worry about my own incongruities, inconsistencies, and contradictions. Groups can be hard. I can put myself in the group process so rapidly and so completely, and itís important not to get sucked in. I need to be predictable about what I believe.

I am a global thinker and I like to learn interactively. My thoughts need to be connected with some person or value. On reflection, donít all thoughts have to be connected to something? I feed new information into other things Iíve read and my thoughts, and I can have a marvelous time just sitting with ideas. And I like to discuss or write things because I seem to have a lot in my head and Iíve got to get it out. I love bringing together different eclectic ideas and seeing whatís similar. I like to have my own ideas, hear others ideas, and have ideas challenged, bantering back and forth. Chitchat has no interest for me. I tend to do a lot of mental rehearsal and play in problem solving, and the fun part is figuring out how to do something. Motivation comes when something has real meaning or value for me, and while I enjoy ideas I donít like having my values challenged.

For me, asking questions is just a different form of being quiet, a way to explore an inner thought stream or check out of reality and back into my thoughts. Sometimes I chuckle at myself that there is really no sequential way that I work though tasks.

I have always trusted my intuition, even before I was aware of it. I enjoy talking to people. Itís interesting to learn about them, where theyíre coming from and how they invent their reality. And I have an innate talent for reading between the linesóto hear what hasnít been saidóand a sense of what needs to be said and done. I tend to form impressions right away about people, and most of the time I feel pretty good about my impressions but sometimes I am way off. At least if the people have good intentions, I can relax.

I enjoy seeing people enjoy who they are, and I get a lot of joy helping others discover that they have value. Being able to help someone in their darkest hour, to communicate across differences and find common ways of working together, that is very satisfying because then there is a real sense of closeness and acceptance and a genuine pursuit of helping people heal and achieve their goals. I hold on to relationships even though we may go long periods without seeing each other, and I cherish those long associations.

Iím concerned about how others feel when they are around me. Lack of honesty or ethics or integrity in interactionsówhen someone is saying one thing but doing anotheróreally puts me off. So does when someone doesnít honor, or accept as valid, my communication or feeling as I try to talk to them about something that matters to me. And I donít need to talk about myself. I donít enjoy it. Sometimes Iím frustrated trying to communicate, and sometimes a metaphor or a joke or a story is a way to effectively express myself so what Iím saying can be heard by someone who hears or experiences things differently.

I donít know what I am going to do next, but I trust in myself that something will come in as a new idea, with challenge and inner meaning. Whatever it is, it will be right. Although I would never actually say it, it feels as though I am grounded in the very being of who I am when I talk like this.