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    I've taken some tests several times and have gotten a total of 2 results. I figure that it can't hurt to have some experts in this area voicing their opinions on my type.

    Here are some things about myself -I don't like change unless it will obviously benefit me.
    -I can create elaboriate worlds within my mind complete with characters and dialog for said characters.
    -I have plans for things I care about, things I don't care about I let others take care of.
    -I don't like owing or taking advantage of other people and at the same time I ocasionally find myself doing this (not very often though)
    -I'm very dry. My 'normal' face is very serious, some even think I look angry (which i'm not)
    -I like routine.
    -I'm pretty boring to be around (I think, no ones actually said this but I can tell from their reactions)
    -I usually assume the worst about people.
    -I know I would seriously harm someone who messed with my loved ones.
    -I don't mind 'freaks' as long as they leave me alone (which I try to do)

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    What results did you get?

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    1. Would you consider yourself a dreamer? Would other people consider you a dreamer?
    2. Do you have an inner group? These are "your people" and everyone outside is treated in a very different detached manner? (Kind of competitive/survival-ly.)
    3. What do you value in yourself?
    4. What do you value in others?

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    Have you read the type descriptions here: Best-Fit Type : Exploring the Multiple Models of Personality Type

    I'm an expert in mistyping, and this helped me a lot.

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    Just a word of advice, from someone who was typed as an ISTJ by the tests, but wasn't totally sure of that result: If you've got time to spend reading about this online on your own, I recommend explanation of the "functions" by means of "function analysis". This is Jung's breakdown of typing, if I remember correctly. For instance, for ISTJs, the functional breakdown is, in order: Si, Te, Fi, Ne. You've probably seen this around. Yes, it's more complicated, but it is more detailed and catches more aspects of your personality.

    The poster above me linked to a site that has it, if you go to the section of that site called "Cognitive Processes".
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    If you don't remember the results, try taking a test again. Then go on to discuss and question the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre of the spam View Post
    -I don't mind 'freaks' as long as they leave me alone (which I try to do)
    This struck me as something an ISTJ would say. It's an attempt at showing a tolerant attitude, but it belies the fact that you still view people in terms of how normal they are and you try to stay away from the ones who aren't.
    I don't wanna!

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