Amazing work ethic and overachiever
Gets 95s or higher in all of her classes
Perfectionist, always compares herself to her even more overachiever brother
Organized. Keeps her locker/workspace in perfect condition
Knowledgeable, knows A LOT. They're mostly things that would be useful for school, though
Respectful of authority, believes in the religion of her parents simply because they're her parents, and sucks up to all of the teachers
Slightly traditional in terms of drugs, but progressive/liberal on every other issue
Is a natural leader
Is an amazing brainstormer, and can come up with 10 ideas and work on all of them at the same time
Is an amazing gymnast/athlete


Makes friends with all of the teachers quickly, and finds a way for them to treat him like he's their age
Is friends with almost everyone, but associates mostly with the three of us because we line up best with his political views (liberal)
Believes STRONGLY in his views, and is willing to confront anyone who doesn't agree with him
Interests are Socialism/Marxism, politics in general, and Game Of Thrones
Gets good grades (90-97), not as good as Serena's, and he does study
Relatively organized, and always arrives to places on time
Is genuinely intelligent, but likes to pretend he knows more than he actually does
Doesn't care what others think of him (loudly curses and is openly gay in an overwhelmingly conservative school)
Is an amazing actor and an agnostic


Strange, non conformist
Incredibly witty and basically a genius
Teachers love him just because of how funny/witty he is
Likes to be different and doesn't care what others think of him
Incredibly unorganized
Gets great grades (93-100) without studying nearly as much as Serena and Henry
Many people in the school don't like him simply because of how different he his
Tries to at least be acquaintances with everyone
Is an atheistic buddhist


Extremely disorganized, even worse than Reese, but hates it when outlines of projects are too vague
Probably could get way better grades but she simply doesn't care enough (gets 90s and 93s sometimes but then 99s and 100s at other times)
When she gets those 99s and 100s, its usually when she doesn't study
Probably (definitely) the most intelligent of the group. She's even smarter than Reese
Doesn't like to be social, doesn't text, doesn't go out often, but when she's with others already, she's loud and outgoing
Has a natural talent for public speaking and acting, doesn't get nervous when doing it
Horribly critical of herself, has extremely low self esteem, and can be really manipulative
Sensitive and takes criticism to heart, but won't let anyone know it
Incredibly logical and rational, but somewhat compassionate at the same time
As liberal, if not more than, all of them, and hates authority, and doesn't suck up to teachers, and is an atheist
Not good at brainstorming, but gets these 'aha' moments, and manifests a genius idea out of thin air
Constantly searching for information, and wants to know as much as she possibly can about her subjects of interest

Can you MBTI type them, and if possible give them Enneagram types?