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    I've been trying to type my friend. I think she's an ENFJ, but not sure.

    * She's majoring in geology, changed her major from engineering.

    * She's very social, active and has lots of friends, but she also tends to not speak up very much.

    * She's involved with a lot of college clubs and tends to get high ranking positions within those clubs (vice president, secretary, treasurer), but she's not bossy at all and tries to avoid conflict (she once told me she ran into an annoying ex-boyfriend and ended up hanging out with him because she couldn't tell him to go away).

    * Her other friends call her a dork.

    * There were a number of times when I've called her and she was cleaning her room at the time.

    * She tends to stretch herself too thin with activities and people.

    * Tends to dress in jeans, t-shirt and hiking boots.

    * Loves getting drunk.

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    Would guess ENFP or ENFJ, but there's very little to go on in the way of selectors here. ESFP/ESFJ possible. If she's sincerely very friendly, ESTP unlikely.

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