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Thread: I'm an ENTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe View Post
    Well, I do the "in other words" thing all the time, and it's a pretty serious part of how I learn anything.

    Also, I'm always reccomending to teachers how to change a curriculum, whether it's changing how things are explained, or how courses should be structured to prepare people for the sciences (the one annoying thing about the meteorology classes at my school is that they're designed so that, say the whole sophmore class will take the same classes at the same time It doesn't leave nearly enough room for people to get ahead or chose what they're interested in).

    Now to the Fe side. (envoking this new "system" language which is probably really a word for how Te people see Ti and not how Ti's see themselves), I've always viewed human relationships as systems. And the first time I got shot down for being with Fe was when I reccomended that my friend try to hook up with some girl because they both liked the same rock genre (is that corny or what?).

    Ok, then, it's your turn.
    Why don't you think I'm an ENTP?

    (A note about crusading: type bias is a very serious issue. If people realized the gravity of type bias, then nobody would be calm about it, not theorists, not catylists, not improvisors, not stabalizers, nobody.)

    Anyways, I'll help you out by listing some dumb reasons:

    I don't remind you of Nokapsy
    I don't enjoy debating
    I emphasize stuff about morality
    meh, you make a good argument. i agree that type bias is a huge issue, and that 90+% of the people here overapply the system.

    i would never list those dumb reasons anyway.

    i really have no argument; it's just that i felt some sort of closure thinking of your type as ENFP (i have unconventional ideas about many people's type on this forum, but you seemed like a sure thing to me). but i can't really think of any good concrete arguments to make against you being ENTP.

    it's not really my place to make these type judgments anyway, i guess, unless something is super blatant (which it actually is in a lot of cases here). i take back my assertion. i'm not sure you're ENTP by any means, but no giant flaws with that typing are jumping out at me.

    and i'm sure nocap would completely disagree with me. i know you associate me with him, but i have my own opinions. (although we do agree on a lot.) we were both pretty off base at when we joined this forum, i admit it

    p.s. i know i do this too to some extent, but it really aggravates me when people say "we" when they're talking about people with the same type as themselves.

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    maybe he is ENFP, he is ENP surely, cause he is machiavellian tendencised xD.

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