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    Default I challenge ~*YOU*~ you to try and determine my enneagram type!

    I answered all these questions to the best of my ability so now I take it upon someone, ANYONE, to pretty pleeeeease give it a shot ? I'm still trying to understand the stuff with the wings and such so I'm not sure if my type would even consist of wings or whatever. Anyways, any attempts are appreciatedd. Thanks in advancee

    0. What's making you unsure of your type? What research have you already done to determine type?
    I’ve taken like 5 other enneagram quizzes already. I even checked out an enneagram book with the complete 144-question quiz and with a 9, 4, and 5 I still am not sure what my type is. Basically I tried everything and it’s just driving me crazy lol.

    1. Establish a "baseline mood"--when you're at home with nothing to do, where are you at mentally and emotionally? What do you notice in yourself? (Note, this is not a mood you inhabit "frequently", but your psychological baseline).
    Neutral. Calm. Blank. I don’t really feel anything other than those. Sometimes I can get very productive, sometimes I just don’t want to do anything and just be introspective for a long while…I get really introspective mentally and emotionally at this time.

    2. Describe yourself--
    a. What's it like to be you?

    Uh. Well it’s okay I guess? Not that exciting. I just wake up and do what I have to do and then sleep for a while. I wouldn’t recommend having my life because not only is everyone going through some things, my life is at a point where it’s not that exciting right now.

    b. What have others said about you?
    That I’m: quiet, intelligent, weird, sweet, have a quiet strength, don’t take shit from anyone, creative, looks like a bitch but is actually very nice…that’s about it lol

    c. What do you think of yourself?
    Maybe in a few years I’ll be great. Right now I’m just kind of confused about who I am really and who I want to be. I need maybe a week’s vacation in a tropical island to think about it.

    3. What are the issues you've dealt with in life? List some recurrent themes, and tell us a little about each one.
    Indecisiveness and doubt. I have a hard time making decisions and sometimes I wonder if I actually made the right choice or not. That’s all I can think of at this current moment.

    4. You're not good at everything--
    a. What personality traits and/or ways of being are impossible for you to adopt?

    Well it seems impossible for me to try to be less awkward and shy. Along with looking more approachable and friendly; I have this thing called Resting Bitch Face Syndrome where I look like I don’t wanna be bothered 99% of the time. It’s a problem because most of the time I’d love it if someone were to come up to me and chat me up. Lol.

    b. What are qualities you'd like to have, but can't seem to develop?
    To be more optimistic and outgoing. More ambitious and motivated. More bold and assertive. Maybe an ability to get really riled up or excited because I’m not an easy person to excite.

    5. Why have you left friends and other relationships in the past and/or why have they left you?
    Grown far apart from each other basically. It’s called life…it sucks when it happens but you just gotta move on, I guess. Took me 3 years to finally accept that after graduating high school in 2012, my crew and I would grow apart like we did. Once I came to that at the beginning of this year, I felt what was almost a liberating feeling. Plus I’m not very great at keeping in contact with people even if I like them and when I do get in contact w someone after a long while it’s kinda awkward sometimes I guess

    6. Which types do you identify with most?
    Definitely 4, 9, 7..same results that I always get on these quizzes lol

    a. How do you relate to these types?
    4: Creative, intuitive, melancholic, sensitive, imaginative, dreamer, unique, envious, enigmatic, prefers variety to routine, very experimental, spontaneous, mystical, likes anything out-of-the-ordinary
    9: Calm, relaxed, modest, sometimes indolent, quietly strong, placid, chill, sometimes lost
    7: Curious, remains calm when others panic, erotic, unpredictable, risk taker (most of the time lol), exploratory, prefers unfamiliar, avoids responsibilities, believes that fun is the most important thing in life

    b. How do you NOT relate to them?
    4: Self-revealing, good at making impromptu speeches
    9: Not prone to anxiety, can handle people being mad at me, very patient
    7: Loves to exercise, likes camping, likes to lead, lives fully in the moment, improvisational

    7. Which types are least like you?
    Types 1, 3, and 8

    a. Why specifically do you not relate to these types?
    1: Don’t care much for routine, more abstract than logical, not very detail oriented, procrastinator, can be easily distracted, not as traditional, open to new things and ideas
    3: Because I really don’t care about popularity that much lol! I’m not superficial, don’t care to fit in, not a gloater at all, don’t seek positions of leadership, rather stay away from the spotlight, not egotistic or controlling
    8: Not assertive, dominant, bossy, arrogant, or controlling; don’t like fighting, not vindictive

    b. What points (if any) DO you relate to?
    1: Punctual, irresponsible…that’s about it
    3: Compare myself to others who are more successful, high standards, like expensive things (if perfumes and handbags count lol), would not be happy if I was poor because let’s be real don’t we all wanna be rich?
    8: Sarcastic

    8. They claim enneagram type is a hidden love need. What are your attitudes toward finding love?
    I’m not sure , honestly…I mean I’d love to have a relationship but at the same time I don’t. I guess it’s just a matter of taking things slowly? I've never had a relationship before or dated so I can't really offer a proper answer based on prior knowledge, lol. I hope it does come to me soon but it’s not like I NEED one or anything. I dunno I’m just bored. I also am that type of person that needs to REALLY “feel" someone before considering any type of relationship with them.

    9. What is the message your superego tells you?
    Consider a time when you felt poorly about yourself--this means your ego (i.e. YOU) is receiving negative feedback from your superego. Write a conversation between the two of them--what is your superego telling you about how to be? (Note: this obviously is very personal and may be better done privately. Report your findings).

    My superego sometimes tells me I should try to lower my standards and change who I am in order to be accepted in society. This causes me to feel like right crap sometimes because while I try not to let this get to me, sometimes it does. It sometimes tells me that I’m not as attractive as others which is very troubling…but I’m definitelyy working on building confidence in my looks and I’ve gotten to the point where I can actually say “I’m cute. Although it’s nice to be reassured, I don’t need anyone else’s approval to know I’m the cutest thing ever.” No narcissism of course, lol.

    For the following, rank the issues in the order they apply and give a brief description of why and how you relate.

    10. Determine your ego ideal--the way you strive to be and want others to perceive you. (Note, you may be consciously aware of failing at this, and you will be hard on yourself if you do. If someone else tells you you're NOT this way, it may make you feel hurt, violated, or angry.)

    Which of the following ideals resonate with you the most, and why? Rank them.

    1. To be more outgoing and confident because I’m the very opposite of that right now. I’m starting to get more confident in my looks and stopped giving a crap about what other people thought, but I’d definitely wanna work on being less shy.
    2. To garner more wisdom and become more intelligent because beauty can fade away but stupid is forever.
    3. To actually have my shit together.
    4. To finally know who I am and who I want to be. I’m in my early 20s and in a state of confusion lately thinking about whether I should change my major or not and I just transferred up here in Orlando as a junior.
    5. To be more decisive in everything.
    6. To be more assertive and blunt. I’m currently working on that.
    7. As stated above, to try and look more approachable and friendly…I’m pretty positive that my RBF is the reason I don’t have many friends. :/
    8. To be more creative and channel this creativity towards something exciting, whether it’s a new story idea or a painting or just an idea.

    11. Determine your "felt sense" of life. To do this it may help to look at how you perceive events. Another way to do this is to look back at your childhood and think of all the things your parents did to you. How did you/do you feel about these events?

    Here are some common "felt senses" of life:

    I honestly have no clue on how to answer this question so I’m going to have to skip it for now. I’m not sure if it’s equally as important as the rest so idk; if it is, I can try to complete it

    12. Core fears. You may have been aware of these fears even as a very small child, before anyone did anything to influence it. You'd be mortified to be in this position or have others perceive you this way.

    Discuss which fears have played the greatest role in your life:

    A fear of failure, being alone forever, and feeling like I’m in a place in life where I’m just lost and confused about everything. I know I’ve mentioned that part like 1000000 times in this questionnaire but seriously. Lol. I also have this fear of darkness in a literal and figurative & metaphorical sense; I’m physically scared of the dark lmfao and I have a fear of being trapped in a sense of darkness; nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Although I don’t see that happening any time soon, it still sits in my subconscious and is pretty minuscule.

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    Hard to get a read on for sure. 9. sp/so. Se/Ni. guesses, especially MBTI.

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    I know this is coming about 2 years later... but you sound like a 5 to me, if I had to pick one. But from the things you wrote, you sound all over the map... still I'd say a type 5 is my final answer.

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