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    Default Who am I? Help me, please :)

    At first I want to apologise about my English. I come from Slovenia and English is not my mother language. But I will try, because I really need your help.

    I just love psychology. I want to understand how people think, why did they do something, what they are thinking about. I want to understand people. But at first I need to understand myself. I have taken a lot of personality testes recently and I become really confused. Mostly they showed me results: INFJ (I really do not see myself as INFJ, although I want to be) and INFP, some of them INTJ or even ENFJ. So I need your help. I am going to describe myself and I hope you will be able to tell me which type am I. Please help me!

    People often describe me as very loud and happy person. I am very talkative (if I am quite, people ask me if I am ill). I talk very quickly and loud (usually too quickly and way too loud). I have my opinion and I am very passionate about it. I respect other person opinion and I always listen it. Even when I do not agree with them I stay polite. But if I know that I am right and others try to convince me that I am wrong I can start a fight. I always want to have the last word. I am very confident in front of my friends but quite reserved and shy when I have to speak to unknown people, especially in front of a large group of people. I like to hang out with my friends, but I prefer quite evening with a group of close friends (2-4), than big parties. I really hate loud music or concerts.

    Usually I behave a little bit childish (people describe me as adorable crazy), but actually I am very responsible. I never drink alcohol, because I need to have control. I never let myself to lose control so I do not do drugs or drink. I always take care of drunken friends or drive a car from parties. I obey rules and I trust them. I always wear seatbelt or a helmet on a bicycle. I believe in plans and I love making lists and timetables, but usually I do not follow them, because I am too lazy. But I hate surprises and always want to know everything. I like people, but sometimes I need time to myself (this sometimes happens very often). Then I turn off my cell phone and I cook, bake, doing sport, watching television and read. I am obsessed with books. I love the feeling when you open a good book, visit another world and become different person. I am a writer too. I always write a story in my head, but I really write criminal-romantic novel and have a very good idea for fantasy book. I have amazing imagination since I was a child. I played alone all the time and I created amazing stories. Other people love my stories too. I often tell them to children (I love working with children and my biggest dreams are to have own family one day with a sweet guy and be a housewife) and even to my peers. They said I am gifted. But I am a liar too. If story is not interested enough I make up some details (or a whole story).

    Even though I am so talkative I am a good listener too. The truth is I only care about less than 20 people (my family and friends). It is hard to me to really connect with someone, but when I do I care about that person forever. I would do anything to protect people I love. I am compassionate about others too but I do not really love them. I just want to help. I am an active volunteer and I hope I will go in Africa one day where I will help to educate people there. I love to help but only to them who can not help themselves. For example I gave money to a poor man with 8 kids, just because I fell so sorry about children. I was really mad at him because he was so irresponsible. My opinion was: You can have as many kids as you can afford. Of course I did not say that to him because I can not hurt others. I just can’t. I gossip and everything but I cant really hurt someone. Mabey that is why people I barley know often come to me and tell me their problems. I can listen, give a good advice and calm a person down.

    I always try to be polite and I wish others to be so polite too. My best friend is an amazing person but she is really directly, even mean, but she does not want to be rude, she just talk before she think. She often really hurts me, but I usually do not show this. I want to be strong and people think that I am always happy, but the truth is I cry a lot at home, when I am all alone. I just do not want people to see me sad, because I do not want to look weak and I do not want them to care about me. They have to take care of themselves and I will take care of myself.

    My biggest problem is that I can not let the past to be past. A person who was like a brother to me and I felt in love with him left me without a reason. We just stopped talk. I can not forget him. And I often think about all stupid things I have done or said in my whole life. I often feel like a mess. I am not a big optimist, more realist. I always expect the worst and hope to the best. I am impatient and often really nervous. I want to be perfect women – I am a big perfectionist, but I am really clumsy (often fall or destroy something). I always do something wrong, but others thinks that this is funny. I am not really popular but everyone likes me and thinks that I am funny and happy person. Sometimes I even behave more clumsy than I am because I like to be the center of attention (only in front of people I know). Reading inspirational quotes really help me. I do not only read fictional books but non-fictional too and I remember a lot of things (a friend called me encyclopaedia once). But I often forget where I parked the car and I daily lose my phone or keys. And I am always late. I try not to be but I am. People think that also terrible at keeping secrets, but I am not. I am very mystery and I hide many things. People just see what I want them to see.

    I am quite smart, I think. I can read between the lines and I have good language skills. I am perfect at writing (if grammar mistakes does not count ), but I am absolutely tone-deaf (I still like sing, just others don’t like to listen to me) so I have troubles at pronunciation words in other languages. Beside languages I adore psychology and history and geography (only when we talk about travelling, famous places and people, not about stones or weather) too. I suck at math and physic.

    I hope I will become lawyer, policeman, social worker, psychologist or nurse one day.

    OMG I wrote a lot! I hope someone will read it and understand me .
    Thank you for helping!

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    And questionnarie

    which is more important to you, maintain harmony by focusing on people’s feelings and make sure everyone is ok, or by making sure that your principles are not violated and applied?
    Both is pretty important for me – I try to build a balance between both things. But if I have to choose, I will say that I always take care of people and I really want them to be fine.

    What makes you feel inferior? I often feel inferior. I haven’t nice body (I am not fat, maybe just a little bit overweight) and whenever I see superbeautiful actress in movies or my skinny friends I start feeling inferior. I feel inferior whenever someone compliments my friend and not me. But I never fell inferior for a long time. I always tell myself that I am stupid and jealous and then I just feel confident and happy again.

    What do you yearn for in life? Why? I yearn for happiness. I would be awesome to be a famous writer, but in my heart I do not really want that life. I want a nice, smart and sweet husband who will love me, big house with stunning garden and healthy children. I do not want to be special, I only yearn for a normal, happy life.
    What makes you dislike the personalities of some people? I hate arrogant, rude and selfish people. I do not like weak people who cry in public, because they want attention and blackmail with crying. I also do not like passive people who want others to solve their problems. It is nothing wrong with asking for help, but you have to try help yourself at first.

    Which typically comes first for you: work, or play?
    Hm…I start to work something and I try to finish it, but if friend called me and invited me to a party, I would probably go, even if I weren’t sure if I have enough time for it. So yes…play usually first, but I try to change that

    Which describes you better: carefree, or intense?
    Which best describes your political beliefs: liberal, centrist, or conservative?
    I don’t know much about politic but I would say conservative – I respect traditional values (family, home…). I believe that women aren’t equal to the men – they deserve same salary for the same work, of course, but I think that some tasks at home (laundry, cleaning…) are still meant to be done by women and some (taking care of car…) by men, except they agree different. And I don’t think that housewife is humiliating job. I don’t like new music, wild parties, piercings and tattoos.
    Does it bother you when people are late?
    No, because I am always late too.
    Which do you put more weight in: science, faith, or both equally?
    Which describes you better: more warm-hearted, or cool-headed?
    Warm-hearted, but often hide it
    As a personality, are you more passive, active, or balanced?
    Are you generally able to forgive and forget?
    I forgive but never forget
    Do you like dogs? Would you consider owning a dog as a pet?
    I love dogs, because they are so loyal and funny. But I think they have to be good upbringing. I own a dog and dogs are my favourite animals
    How much would you enjoy hosting a big, crazy party?
    I enjoy hosting parties, but not a crazy one. I love to have a fancy dinner or a barbecue, with alcohol but without really drunk people.
    Are Goth chicks more sexy, or more lame?
    Definitely lame
    How do you feel about kids (precious, okay, revolting, indifferent to them)?
    Precious, if they know how to behave. I like them to be noisy, funny and full of energy, but not violent and spoiled
    Could you date someone who was really quiet?
    Mabey if he was really hot or good-hearted and good listener – I speak for two.
    Which of the following types of intelligence do you most value: logical/mathematical, social/interpersonal, or visual/spatial/artistic?
    I value all types because each one is so unique, but I especially respect social/interpersonal one, because this is my strongest one.
    How shy would you say you are?
    Quite shy but try to hide that with jokes, funny stories and talking.
    When deciding what is right and wrong are you more emotional, logical, religious, or something else?
    I try to balance emotions and logic and find the best solution.
    Outside of work and school, how inclined are you to investiate something that interests you?
    I investigate those things very very often. I love it and that is why I know so much interesting facts. My friends call me encyclopaedia.
    When it comes to right and wrong, which of the following has the greatest impact on your belief system: religion, family/friends, laws, or self interest?
    I usually trust the law and rules, but sometimes I cant agree with them so I rely on self interest and listen my friends and family opinion
    Which word describes you better: private or social?
    Is the left or right hemisphere of your brain dominant?
    They are quite balanced but I think right is stronger
    Do you typically speak and write in a clear, precise manner?
    I speak with accent, but I always write in clear way (only SMS not)
    How often do you try new things (food, activities, music, whatever)?
    It happens, not very often but sometimes it does
    Do you mind getting really dirty working/playing outside?
    I always get dirty – when I cook or doing garden, but I don’t care much about that. I simply change the T-shirt.
    When facing a complicated situation, can you easily put yourself in another person's shoes and consequently see things from his or her point of view?
    Yes, but sometimes I need a hint how to do it
    Do you care about other people's suffering?
    Yes. I want to help and I feel sorry to them
    Are you annoyed by people who are super logical?
    No. I admire them, because I want to be like them, but I cant

    Which do you cause more of: order, or chaos?
    Would speaking in front of a large group make you nervous?
    How frequently do you drink alcohol?
    Are you careful with your money?
    Yes, quite careful. I save it.

    How important is it that your partner be willing and able to participate in meaningful philosophical conversations?
    Not the most important thing on the world, but it would be nice sometimes.
    If you had to choose one, which would you rather have: great sex, great friends, great love, or great ideas?
    It is such a hard decision: good friends or love?... Real love stays forever so I would say great love, although I adore my great friends
    Which is worse: being too much of a dreamer, or too cynical?
    Much of a dreamer, because you always end up disappointed
    What size party would you prefer to attend: a few close friends, 5 - 20 people, 20 - 100 people, or more than 100 people?
    A few close friends
    How do you feel about germs: obsessed (you bleach anything you can't trust), careful (you wash my hands and cover your sneezes), polite (you always wash up when someone's watching), or unconcerned (you don't actively lick doorknobs)?
    Between careful and polite (I wash my hands, but not always)
    How high is your self confidence: very high, higher than average, average, or below average?
    Average, but I can behave very confident and people think I am a lot about average
    How much do you procrastinate?
    Sometimes, but I am really impatient and have make things clear immediately – I procrastinate very rarely
    If someone asked what "wherefore" in the line “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” meant, what would you respond with: why, where, how, or who cares / wtf?
    In a conversation are you usually listening or waiting to speak?
    Waiting to speak (I can listen very good too but I cant be quiet)
    Do you ever feel socially awkward?
    Do you space out or daydream a lot?
    Daydream a lot
    How frequently do you go out of your way to make others feel appreciated?
    Do you like to be the center of attention?
    Are you attracted to dangerous situations?
    Sometimes I dream about it, but I real world absolutely no!
    Are you likely to make long, friendly conversation with strangers?
    If stranger is talkative and nice and we work together or waiting for a bus…yes. Why not?
    Could you date someone who was really messy?
    Do you usually blurt things out, or do you think carefully before speaking?
    Sometimes think, but usually just blurt out
    Which of the following characters best represents your personality: Garfield (apathetic and sarcastic), Bugs Bunny (creative & versatile), Batman (quiet problem-solver), or Mickey Mouse (cheery & energetic)?
    Mickey Mouse
    If a photographer approaches you on the street and asks to take your picture, do you pose for them or politely refuse?
    Politely refuse and then think for hours what may happen if I accepted (I would create a story from it)
    If you were going away for two weeks, when would you start packing: at least 2 days before, the day before, the same day, or not at all?
    The day before, if I were in mood I would make a checklist 2 days before
    Do you pick up after yourself (always, when you have the time, no, or someone else does it)?
    Would you be willing to adopt a child?
    If I cant have my own, yes of course
    Do you enjoy finding out what makes things work the way they do?
    How often are you open with your feelings?
    In front of other people never
    Do you prefer your social plans settled and decided, or tentative?
    Settled and decided
    Are you more cheerful (have a positive outlook), meh (have ups and downs), or annoyed ("the world sucks")?
    In front of others really cheerful, but in reality often meh.
    How open are you to trying new things in bed: very (will try anything once), open (but not too crazy), hesitant, or not at all?
    Do you often have a hard time thinking of things to talk about?
    Do you believe reason is more important than emotions in solving problems?
    In which climate zone would you prefer to live: tropical (love the heat), mediterranean (warm, but not too hot), temperate (everything in moderation), subarctic (love the cold and snow)?
    Could you date someone who needs a great deal of alone time?
    Yes I would try
    Do you keep a budget (of your finances)?
    Yes…it is kind of messy but yes I try
    Are you an intellectual (loves learning for its own sake)? Do you find learning boring?
    Yes I am very intellectual
    Are you more talented, or hardworking?
    Both – if I have talent for something (example: writing) I work really hard on it, but if I don’t (math) I don’t work hard and hope I will be luckey
    Can you name five living poets and the title of one book by each? Poets, but not titles? Five Poets, even if dead?
    If you said writers or directors or actors or sportman I would say yes, but poets… I can name 5 alive poest without titles and 5 dead poets with titles
    Which of the following if your greatest motivation in life thus far: love, wealth, expression, or knowledge?
    Love and wealth, but love first
    Do you like wild parties?
    Would you rather win a Nobel Prize, a Grammy/Oscar/Tony/Emmy, a Super Bowl (or other sports championship), or the lottery?
    If your significant other put on a slow song and asked you to dance, would think it was romantic, corny, or not your kinda thing?
    Very romantic, but I would be nervous and clumsy so I will probably step on him (I am not gifted dancer)
    Does silence make you uncomfortable?
    Yes!! I always start talking.
    If a government were brutally oppressing you, would you organize a peaceful resistance, join the oppressive government, escape to a benign power, or break out the .50 sniper rounds?
    Organize peaceful resistance
    How messy are you?
    Quite messy

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    You sound like an ENFP to me.

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    Thank you so much for reading and your answer.

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    Your English seemed very fluent and your post was far better punctuated and formatted than most "What's my type" threads, so don't apologise

    i'm going to second @Carpe Vinum and say ENFP as well, although INFJ also seems reasonable. I suggest you take a look at the TypologyCentral wiki (INFJ - Typology Wiki) and see which of the two fits better in terms of each function.

    INFJs can be quite extroverted, but tend to be more grounded than the free spirited ENFP. It looks to me like your probably quite a sensible ENFP rather than an INFJ.

    My advice for choosing types is to remember each type is a combination of Functions.

    Functions describe the different styles of taking in information and making decisions.

    Each of the 16 types has their own ranking of functions.

    For example, an ENFP, uses Extroverted Intuition (imagining possibilities and creatively connecting things together) to take in information, and Introverted Feeling (the heart, sympathy, your values) to judge things and make decisions.

    You can use a process of elimination to work out your type, starting by checking if the primary function fits.
    Johari Nohari
    5 cp6 9w1 4w5 sx/sp | RLUAI | INTP ILI-Ni
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    Wow you really helped me. Thank you! I will look at TypologyCentral wiki
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