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    Default INxx in need of help to figure out his type

    This is also my first post here, so, nice to meet y'all. I'm Erik, 20 years, from the Netherlands, and basically the main reason I joined this forum is because I have a real hard time figuring my type out.
    I accidentally posted this in the "MBTI type profiles" forum first, because I was too... ehm... enthusiastic, to properly check the forums. Sorry for that :/

    I know I'm an IN, those two always list pretty damn high with me, but the T-F and P-J parts always rank near to 50%/no difference, and the result I get mainly seems to vary on my current state of mind at the moment.

    I generally consider myself a realist, but an idealistic one. I have strong ideals and dreams, but also tend to look at the scope of what is possible, and work with that (sometimes when I dream too big this causes me to only see the things where it can go wrong, or be overwhelmed and don't know where/how to start...) I greatly value facts and objectivity, as emotions/subjective observations differ for each person, and don't give you a solid framework to build decisions upon. But what DRIVES me isn't facts -I merely use that as a guideline of sorts- but ideals and dreams.
    I always seek out the truth, even when it's not something I or other people like to hear. As it IS the truth, and one cannot argue with it. I see denying it just because you don't like it or can't accept it as a grave weakness.
    I wouldn't ever be able to do something 'just' for factual reasons though. I need to have an emotional drive to pursue a goal, and then I employ both my thinking and my feeling to get there. Because some matters... they require a clear head, while others... require a gentle heart.

    As for the P-J part... I am very chaotic and inorganised, which would point towards P, but on the other hand... I am ALWAYS on time for appointments (like, EXACTLY on time, lol), I prefer to plan ahead, and when that plan is disrupted last-minute, I can get pretty upset. I always wanted to be a 'free' person and 'go with the flow' and all that, but the truth is... it gives me the feeling of being adrift, of having nothing to grab onto. When going on a holiday, I like to have somewhat of a plan, like what places I DEFINITELY want to visit or things I want to do, but I also like to leave some 'wriggle room' so there's no need to hurry from one place to the next and have time for possible interesting detours.

    I think my F and P are a LITTLE bit more pronounced... but I don't feel like that's enough to effectively call myself an INFP, as that way I wouldn't do justice to a big part of my personality. However, being an INxx seems a little bit... too vague and broad.
    What are your thoughts on my personality type? And might it actually be possible I don't really fit in one (or two) types? (I just tried to keep it more or less summarised, if you want/need more info, ask away)

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    If you're limiting it to IN, then intj.
    RCOAI 9w8 sp/sx INTP

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    Starcrash, if I'd not be limiting it to IN, what would you say then? Who knows, I might be totally wrong with the IN part. Surprise me.
    And why do you think so? I generally feel like INTJ's would be too cold and analytical to be like me... (ok, I am analytical though) I'm actually pretty artistic and creative, and my dream is to work as an illustrator or writer. I studied biology for a while, because I also love science... but I wasn't really structured and patient enough to make a good scientist.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh just found this questionnaire in a topic on this forum. Figured I could answer it, so you folks have a bit more information.

    1.*When working on a project where do you place your emphasis? the process of putting it together? or the final product? (Do you experiment with your perspectives to create ideas?

    When working on a project I'm mainly product-oriented. I don't really care as much about HOW to get somewhere, as whether the result is good. The process is important, even necessary, but I care way more about the final product. (just like you cannot build a house without first laying down it's foundation, but the thing that really matters is the finished house)

    2.*Are you a realist? Are you more of a no nonsense type of person? (I find these people like to call bullshit on everything)

    I would call myself an idealistic realist. Lol. I'm definitely a dreamer, but denying facts would be just as futile as trying to argue the sky is green, not blue. And when executing a plan, one has to keep eyes on what is actually POSSIBLE.
    I also hardly ever take on a very polarised view of a matter, as the truth is always more complex than just "right" or "wrong", "black" or "white". Often I naturally take on the "advocate of the devil" kind of role when I come across someone with a very polarised/one sided view.

    3.*Would you say you make decisions quickly? or do you take a while coming to a conclusion, because you hope you're not missing some vital information that will change your mind?

    Me and making decisions quickly? That I can't even decide on my personality type should be telling enough. I TOTALLY suck at making quick decisions. If I make a GOOD and important decision (not like "what's for dinner tonight", in that case I'm just like "Erhm... I dunno... I kinda like pasta. Let's do pasta."), I generally educate myself thoroughly on the subject, and weigh all possible pros and cons. This makes that I'm a very slow decision maker, which is pretty annoying in day-to-day life, but IF I get enough time to make a decision, it's usually a very educated one, and I stand by it no matter what, because I already considered all other options and am a 100% certain. But yeah... to get to that point of a 100% certainty... takes quite a damn while.

    4.*Do you ever experience nostalgia? For instance being able to completely remember a mood of a past experience/time?

    Definitely. Actually I'm pretty sappy when it comes to nostalgia. I actually often keep little 'tokens' of good moments, and also keep a diary each day (though that is more for self-preserving, mental structuring purposes. Because that way I can get some feelings/mess out of my head and keep thinking clear). Sometimes I just read through those pages, or touch/observe those objects I collected, in an attempt to re-live the moment in some way.

    5.*Are you of the rebellious sort? The sort who rebels for no reason other than to rebel against authority?

    Depends. If someone wants to control me just because they "say so" or "have authority" I almost always rebel against it. If someone tells me "You HAVE to do...*something*" then I'll almost always do the opposite out of pure stubbornness, because I don't want anyone to control me or decide for me what to do, and I feel like "Who are you to say that's the only option? I'm gonna do it the other way and prove you wrong." Also, I am generally unconventional in my ways, and pride myself in my ability to 'not follow the herd' and draw my own plan.
    However, if no one tries to control me, I'll still do whatever I want to, but I wouldn't purposely rebel against other people's position. "Live and let live." If you leave me be, I'll leave you be.

    6.*When watching a film and critiquing it? Do you critique it based on details in the film, for instance on how you thought a certain portion of it was un-realistic (or something along those lines) or based on the idea or point they were trying to get across/how well they got it across? (It can be a combination of both sometimes too)

    Ehmm... usually a combination, but MOSTLY the first. like, way more. My dad always gets annoyed with me for that, as I'm hardly able to enjoy a film anymore if it has unrealistic plot points or flawed science (like for instance, lately I was watching Star Trek, and they were like "Oh no, we have ran out of fuel! Our orbit is declining. In two hours we'll crash to the planet's surface." such things are just so blatantly wrong that I can't take the film seriously anymore by then) I love sci-fi and fantasy, and yeah, I know, magic isn't really a "realistic" thing either, but I can embrace that because it isn't something we know in today's world (what's life without a little bit of imagination, hm?), but when talking about REAL things, like science, laws of physics and so forth, I get REALLY irked if they do it wrong. My dad doesn't get this, and he always just sighs at me "It's a film, stop whining and enjoy it."

    7.*When debating with others, do you ever get the feeling or state for that matter, that you can see where your opponent is coming from? For instance I have gotten into arguments over things I honestly don't believe (or could care less if it were true), but it all started when someone would tell me about a certain topic and how this certain stance is stupid.

    I'm not entirely sure what is being asked here... but I hardly ever get into arguments about things that I don't believe in or don't care about. I used to get into a lot of arguments with people wit different viewpoints, and I tried to convince them otherwise vigorously, but found out they often are just as fixed in their beliefs as I am. So nowadays, I usually just voice my opinion, tell them I disagree, and when the argument becomes too heated, stop trying to convince them and "agree to disagree". Wasted too much energy trying to convince people who don't want to be convinced already, and I'm not doing that anymore. But if I disagree, I WILL voice my opinion, and not just "nod along" and act as if I agree. That feels insincere to me.

    8.*Do you notice symbols in the world, do you ever try and wrap the symbol back to an idea that you believe?

    Well, yeah our world is filled with symbols, but I'm not not the type to believe in conspiracy theories and whatnot, though it fascinates me, more from a psychological POV, that people can become so obsessed with something which (probably) isn't even there. So, no, not really.

    9.*Are you hurt by criticisms? Do you get personally offended when people try and criticize you? or are you thick skinned?

    I generally appreciate constructive criticism, as I can use that as a means to improve myself and grow. When someone is being unnecessarily harsh, I usually just ignore them. When someone gives me criticism I don't agree with myself, however, I can get very defensive and stubborn, not really listening anymore to what the other person has to say, but rather making it my "life's mission" at that moment to either make them leave ("let's agree to disagree") or make them agree with me, as I really WILL NOT give in very easily if I have my mind set on something.

    10.*Say for example your learning about cameras in school, would you be more inclined to go home right away and read a whole shit load on cameras so you feel confident in your knowledge of cameras? or would you feel perfectly comfortable when the teacher calls on people to come try it out, to just hop up there and start using it?

    Definitely the first without a doubt.

    11.*When you are out do you worry about how people will interpret any action you take? (sort of in a seinfeld sort of way, where they over analyze actions people make, trying to find their true motivation) Do you feel a sort of pressure from this?

    Most of the time, yeah. I also often try to look at myself from an "outsiders perspective" and figure out how other people perceive me. I'm not a people pleaser, however. But yeah, probably think a bit too much about what other people might think about me and actions I take.

    12.*In a classroom setting do you ever find yourself helping other people out with projects or homework when you see their struggling? Do you do this to make yourself feel more comfortable?

    Yeah, I always help others if I can (and if it doesn't take a GIGANT sacrifice from myself, I don't downgrade my own needs over others, but I like to be helpful). I guess... because this makes me feel useful, and I hope people will appreciate it and maybe return the favour one day. I also like explaining things, and nothing feels better than a friend/classmate being really grateful for your help, like saying they finally understand the problem, or wouldn't have passed the test without your help. That just makes me a little proud. (okay, maybe more than a little)

    13.*Do you find yourself ranting to your friends about how a certain something could have been done way easier? Or how someone went about doing something (anything like a project,work,etc.) was really stupid and you could have done it way better and in a more simple fashion?

    Sometimes, yeah. But mostly I try not to get too carried away in it, as people generally view it as rude and inconsiderate, and don't constantly want to be reminded that they "did it wrong". So usually I just say "Y'know, I would have done this and this differently, would have saved you a lot of effort. But the end result looks good, and that's what counts."
    It's their work, not mine.

    14.*How does your average day go in general?

    Wake up ('round 8-9 o clock), surf a bit on facebook if it's weekend (a bit too much, lol), or immediately get dressed and get breakfast on weekdays. Either way, I go to school, come home, do some homework, have dinner, watch some TV in the evening and play some computer games before going to sleep.
    In weekends I usually draw or read a bit, maybe chill out with a friend (or more) if I'm feeling particularly social.

    15.*What things do you value the most?

    I greatly value... (self-)honesty, empathy, freedom, independence, authenticity and creativity. (and much more, but it cannot be an all-inclusive list)

    16.*What things regularly bug you?

    Egoism, greed, inauthenticity/fakers, dumb people who think they're really clever and shout their extremely polarised and uneducated views from every rooftop, people who try to control/manipulate me, short-sightedness.

    17.*What do you value most in other people and what qualities do you find most repulsive in others?

    Isn't that almost exactly what I just said? Well, those things.

    18.*How do you evaluate people in general?

    Generally by how they treat others (and themselves) and the world, and their viewpoints (if, for instance, someone would have the viewpoint that all black/gay/*different* people are sick/bad/dirty/inferior/*insert more bs here* but doesn't act upon it or show it to them, I would still dislike the person for having that viewpoint). I don't really care about... well, basically all the rest. The rest is just a package.

    19.*How do you arrive at your decisions?

    Depends. Usually a combination of facts and 'gut feeling'. I usually go with facts and build my plan on from there, but VERY often when reviewing options I just get a "do" or "don't" gut feeling about one or more of them, and if that happens, I almost always listen, because so far... it has always been right.
    I had this with choosing my high school, for example (many years back already, lol). I wasn't really interested in looking for a high school, but when I entered the one I eventually decided on, I just immediately felt at home. I choose it over more 'likely' options (like, closer to my home), but in the end... I was right and made the right choice.

    20.*What factors are you most likely to pay attention to when deciding on things?

    Depends what things it are... really. This question is too broad for me to properly answer.

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    I think I'm maybe closest to an INTP...? But then again, I really find it hard to pin down. I'm an Introvert for SURE though. And I really think I'm an N, because I'm really philosophical, think more in concepts and deeper things, rather than 'just' the day-to-day world. Sometimes I'd like to be an S though. Or actually quite often. As they seem to have quite an advantage in normal daily life and seem to be understood by others better.

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